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Zenkyoren (JA-Kyosai Ren)

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By : Aries Kurniawan

History Zenkyoren (JA-Kyosai Ren)


health care cooperatives

health care cooperatives

Zenkyoren (National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives) was founded in 1951 by virtue of law agricultural cooperatives in Japan, to create mutually help each other through the cooperation of one for all, all for one. National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (Japanese: 全国 共 済 农业 协同 组合 连 合 会), commonly known as “JA Kyosai” (JA 共 済) or ZENKYOREN, is Japan’s national association of mutual aid in the form of agricultural cooperatives, Zenkyoren (JA- Kyosai Ren) is an organization to represent the entire JA Group. Its main activities are :

1). To promote better farming and better life activities of Appeal
2). To provide guidance to the management and organization of Appeal
3). To provide activities to the audit organization
4). Educational activities and public relations activities
5). Legislative activities of agricultural policy, and
6). To create the connection and cooperation with international organizations

Additionally, Zenkyoren (JA-Kyosai Ren) conducts a variety of businesses and provide a variety of services through the community (agricultural cooperative). Zenkyoren is also responsible for agricultural cooperative JA Group Insurance business. The fundamental goal is to assist members in establishing a stable agriculture, safety, and higher living standards, with insured losses of accidents and property damage. The company can achieve by offering life insurance and non-life and the best quality.

Zenkyoren continue to strengthen partnerships with local agricultural cooperatives (the main), to provide members with improved service and a greater sense of security. The number of employees at the insurance company is 6,246 people on March 31, 2012. Zenkyoren Ltd. provides non-life insurance products for agricultural cooperatives. It offers planning and management, product development, underwriting, and providing information.

While the long-term insurance products include life insurance policies and building endowment insurance, and short-term insurance covers fire insurance, car insurance, car insurance, and insurance.


Furthermore, View the basis Zenkyoren to business expansion, aiming to further expand its operations in the light of the cooperative members and customers. To this end, he has a basic alignment, the following information Zenkyoren in a three-year business plan for fiscal 2010-2012 :

• Maintain and expand the business foundation to strengthen cooperative relationships with members, customers, and residents of the area.
• Strengthening mutual aid Zenkyoren implementation framework and support functions for JA.
• Developing new business to sustain and expand the business foundation.

Zenkyoren also has Budget Plan 2012, the following information :

1. Steps to Achieve Business Plans Three Years Running
In fiscal 2012, we will strive to succeed “maintain and expand the business foundation to strengthen cooperative relationships with members, customers, and residents of the area,” with the intent to provide financial security and lasting satisfaction. For this purpose, we will focus on the following steps :
(1) Conduct inspections and follow-up of insurance policyholders
(2) Ensuring the availability of adequate insurance by strengthening activities targeting uninsured and underinsured households Initiative
(3) Strictly for implementing, maintaining and expanding the business foundation in accordance with the plan
(4) Strengthening the initiative to develop a regional strategy
(5) Strengthen the framework of the implementation of business

2. Readiness for Major Natural Disaster
To prepare for major natural disasters in the future, Zenkyoren will discuss the priorities highlighted by the Great East Japan Earthquake, such as accelerating payment of insurance claims and establish a crisis management system.

3. Developing a Business Plan for Next Three Years
We have to consider the future direction for JA cooperative insurance business from medium and long-term perspectives for the business plan three years running. Therefore, we will develop a business plan three years based on these instructions.

All of it are information about Zenkyoren Insurance Company (JA-Kyosai Ren). For those of you who are interested you in direct contact can be :


JA Kyosai Building
2-7-9, Hirakawa-cho
Tokyo, 102-8630
Phone : 81 3 5215 9108
Fax : 81 3 5215 9484
Key executives to Zenkyoren Ltd. : Yoshinori Yokoi
President and Director : Kenji Sugiyama
Senior Managing Director and Director : Masakazu Maezawa
Managing Director and Director : Shinichi Miyamoto
Senior Managing Director and Director : Tamotsu Shozui


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