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By : Ririn Sholiha

Symptoms Symptoms of Gout

The symptoms of gout symptoms are not immediately dealt with quickly will make the change to the initial symptoms of gout symptoms more chronic. Chronic symptoms that would be more difficult for us to treat and cure. Symptoms of gout symptoms occur because the purine substances accumulated in the body excessively and purine substance is then processed by the body to produce uric acid, but because the production of uric acid in the body too much, the resulting disruption of the kidney that the kidneys can not remove uric acid as well so shaped uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints, and results in pain in the joints, swollen and inflamed.



Purine substance itself is derived from the food we consume, such as food derived from a living body, fruits and vegetables, the conclusion gout is a disease caused by the purine metabolic waste substances from the food we consume on a daily basis, and it Uric acid is a common disease occur in the elderly due to excessive purine substances accumulated in the body, and usually people who suffer from gout disease also experience other diseases such as, diabetes, kidney disease or hypertension, gout if allowed to drag on will result in kidney stone disease and kidney failure continue to be. Open the following link to abstinence uric acid.

We need to look at is that the symptoms – symptoms of gout can be perceived themselves without having to pay expensive to carry out a medical check at the hospital. Therefore, if one of the signs of uric acid below override has affected you and your body, immediately take precautions through healthy living and exercise and regular diet. For those of us who have been infected by one or some symptoms of gout disease it will make it easier to anticipate that the symptoms of gout symptoms have not spread to spread the symptoms more severe symptoms.


Symptoms Gout Have Three Stages


Symptoms Gout Stages Its First

The first stage is called the stage of acute gouty arthritis or acute inflammation of uric acid. At this stage the patient will experience typical arthritis attacks and these attacks will disappear without treatment within 5-7 days. Because of rapidly disappearing, then often people with suspected leg sprain or an infection that was not suspected disease gout and did further examination. In fact, doctors who treat sometimes do not suspect the patient has disease gout early stage. Because the first attack of this very short time and heal themselves, often patients go to a masseuse and a cured thought it was because the results of the massage. In fact, without any massage treatment or in the first phase of gout attacks will go away.

After the first attack, the patient will go on interkritikal gout. In this situation the patient is in good health for a certain period. The period between a person and the other person is different. There is only one year, some are up to 10 years, but on average ranges from 1-2 years. The length of the time period this stage causes a person to forget that he had suffered an attack of gouty arthritis or first strike first thought had nothing to do with the symptoms of gout symptoms.

Uric Acid Symptoms Second Stages

Symptoms of gout symptoms or signs of the second stage is called the stage of intermittent acute gouty arthritis. After passing the interkritikal gout for years without symptoms of significant symptoms, the patient will enter this phase, characterized by attacks of arthritis or inflammation typical. Furthermore, the patient will often come under attack (relapse) is the distance between one attack and subsequent attacks increasingly tight and long, increasingly lengthy attacks, as well as the number of joints affected more and more. On signs and symptoms of gout symptoms this second phase the patient realized that he had gout attacks. Handling on the second stage will certainly be more difficult than in the first stage.

Uric Acid Symptoms Third Stage

Symptoms of gout symptoms third stage is called the stage of chronic gouty arthritis bertofus. This stage occurs when the patient has been ill for 10 years or more. At this stage there will be bumps in the inflamed joints are often referred to as tofus. This tofus form hard lumps containing a powder like chalk deposits of monosodium urate crystals. Tofus this will result in damage to the joint and surrounding bone. Tofus on foot when the size is large and will lead to many patients can not use the shoes again.

Based on the description of the symptoms of gout symptoms above, it is clear to us how important this knowledge. With this knowledge we will be easy to detect as early as possible if we are attacked by the symptoms of gout symptoms of this.


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