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Traits – traits Cyst Disease and How to Prevent It

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By : Ririn Sholiha

cystic fibrosis

Symptoms caused if you have this disease usually occurs in very severe pain, and usually women hold the pain by bending their bodies. The pain, which may appear to caused due to a tear in the body because of the existence of the lump, the voltage or bleeding that can occur cyst disease emergence, significant growth. Cyst disease is more often perceived inadvertently by examining their doctor if he already felt the complaint, by examination through ultrasound it will be the onset of any symptoms of lumps.

Bumps that usually occurs will disappear by itself on the menstrual cycle. So that not a few people with cystic disease, mostly found in women aged 20 to 30 years, to diagnose these cysts have to do research, to ensure the presence of a cyst the size of which will appear more enlarged. There are many ways to do the treatment of the cyst can also use herbal material or performing a medical procedure. Usually, doctors recommend the surgery for the removal of the cyst. however, you should know that the cyst is not only attack on the part of the female organs, but also can occur in the intestine, brain, skin, eyes and lungs. But it is rare it can happen, because usually that can occur in cystic disease of the female organs.

Here are traits – traits Cyst Disease :
• People who are suffering from a cyst, usually feel pain and soreness are very extreme, such as the left and right abdomen can also occur alternately
• Swelling can also occur in patients with cystic disease. Not only have swelling, but on the abdomen will appear enlarged. This is because that the cyst is experiencing swelling, the longer the cyst can also be malignant very painful that the pain could spread to the other organs of the body.
• Changes in menstrual schedule. Women who are experiencing cyst disease that usually they will experience the menstrual changes. In such changes if it is late then it may experience bleeding during menstruation. The bleeding is not as usual they experienced during menstruation.
• A change in menstrual blood discharge that sometimes such as bleeding or bleeding can also occur in small amounts.
• Pain in the abdomen that is very painful.

That last trait – characteristic of the cyst. Further How To Prevent Disease Cysts :
• Consuming fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables that have more rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed by our body, especially those that can occur in an increase in stamina and is able to reduce the impact of the toxins in the body. The cause of the cyst disease is usually caused by the toxins in our body.
• Descent
You should know that if you have cystic disease that usually occur in the lineage. But there are ways you can do to remove the cyst that is not growing is by prevention.
• Care vagina
Diseases that can invade the female organs is usually caused by an infection of microorganisms growing. Conduct disease prevention in tumor cells,
• Do not put off pregnancy
If you are married, you better not to delay pregnancy to avoid the disease cyst. If you postpone pregnancy will exacerbate the formation of cysts, which are usually caused by menstrual frequency and performance of hormones.
• Reduce fatty foods
Consuming foods high in fat may increase because of the disruption of hormones and increases the hormone cortisol. Where the cortisol hormone that occurs on stress factors. The hormone that balanced it will be able to keep the body from disease cyst.
• Foods containing antioxidants
Antioxidants are helpful in the fight against free radicals, we are often exposed to dirty air, dust and on other chemicals, so as to make the prevention of disease cystic we can do by increasing the consumption of foods containing antioxidants.

Thus an explanation from us about the symptoms – symptoms of the disease Cyst. In addition to consuming foods that should be avoided and a healthy lifestyle with the recommended food’s good for those of you who already have the disease as well as taking herbs from 100% natural ingredients. We were on the team provides a wonderful thing herbal remedies for diseases Cyst derived from plants – natural plant, where we process into natural capsules without preservatives, so it is easier to consume, and is already registered POM TR and RI Health Department. If you want to book, bookings can be contacted directly at our email aries.kurniawan@gmail.com. Here is a list of the herbs that can treat the disease Cyst :

Rizo is a traditional medicine made from natural ingredients formulated for Extract Kaempferia rhizome, heyneana Curcuma Extract, Soybean extract, and other herbs, which is safe for women.
1. Helps relieve symptoms of menopause such as premenopausal and over: Sleep disturbance, fatigue, restless memory loss and muscle pain.
2. Helps relieve symptoms – symptoms that are caused by declining estrogen levels.
3. Helps slimming and smoothing the skin.
4. Helps maintain healthy menopausal women.
5. Helps remove cysts
1-2 capsules daily after meals, morning and before bed unfortunate.
In extract form
– Curcuma heyneana 125 mg.
– Soybean 50 mg.
– Pueraria mirifica 100 mg.
– Kaemferia rhizome 100 mg.
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