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The Widest Highway in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha


9 de Julio Aveneu or Avenida de Julio


The widest highway in the world is 9 de Julio Aveneu or Avenida de Julio, located in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina. The highway has 9 lanes wide, a median park between opposing traffic flows. The length of highway is 1 km, width 110 meters. For pedestrians to cross the street require several minutes and traffic rotations 2-3 light turn red.The width of this road covers blocks of the entire city , the distance between two streets in the pattern of the boxes that used in Buenos Aires. On the west coast of this highway there is a Río de la Plata beach, from the Retiro district in the north to Constitución station in the south. This path has up to seven lanes in each direction andboth sides are flanked by two parallel roads from two lanes respectively.

The flow of traffic on this road can connect the unique parts of the metropolis. Some of the major landmarks in Buenos Aires can be seen along the way and the most notably areas is the Obelisk, which was in the middle of 9 de Julio, the Embassy of France, the statue of Don Quixote, Teatro Colon,the building of former Minister of Communications and the building that exist on its road at the intersection with Moreno.


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