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The Top Selling Laptop Brand in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Laptops now have been turned into a primary requirement. Why so??? Because laptops are now urgently needed by all people, namely students as to the employee, function to help complete their tasks, and to increase knowledge in the field of IT, there is also the use of a laptop to do the negative, it all depends on us all each. But despite the negative terms, compared to the benefits, the laptop is more positive than negative. Because by using a laptop we can learn about the designers, programs, we can use the Internet connection using a modem or wi-fi, which can add insight to our knowledge, and many other functions.

Market will we encounter in an assortment of laptop brands, ranging from brand apple, Acer, etc.. Now the laptop companies is competing each other to make a laptop with good quality, and comprehensive facilities, it must be adjusted to the needs of consumers today. For those of you who now have plans to buy a laptop. Here we will give a list of information in the world’s top-selling laptop brands, many bought by consumers around the world:

1. Apple Laptop

apple laptop

Apple are one of the most advanced laptop in the world and the best selling in the world. This laptop is made by a company known as the apple Mac book and equipped with innovative features, and can be easily distinguished from other brands. Moreover, apple laptop has become a source of inspiration for other brand laptops.

Apple’s sleek design and slick and many more other designs that can attract consumers to buy it. Because of its slim, apple laptop can be easily carried anywhere. Besides apple laptop performance has a high rating. Currently three variants available are – Mac book, pro series, and water. Compared with other brands, apple laptops are very expensive, but look at the sophistication and facilities owned this laptop is so worth the price.


2. Lenovo Laptop

lenovo laptop

the next brand is Lenovo laptop, it is made from Chinese companies, and one of the innovative laptop products. One of its products, namely ThinkPad notebook series from Lenovo and has won several awards. The success of Lenovo laptops lies in its ability to convert customer needs into actual products. Its ThinkPad laptop series has been so successful because of these factors for those who want to look for reliability, productivity, efficiency, features, security, you can get all of it by having a Lenovo laptop.


3. Alienware Laptop

alienware laptop gaming

Alienware laptop is a fantastic product. Because this laptop looks sturdy and made as good as possible, with a laptop you can have a choice of features. If you are currently using a desktop and want to replace it with something better then the M15x. It could be a good option, LED lighting system on this laptop is truly unique, the keyboard also has a backlight (LED) which allows users to type, even if there is no light in the room, you can also choose a different type of screen. It has done away with the CD tray and instead of having a CD slot.





4. Asus Laptop

asus laptop

Asus laptops are one of the best selling laptop brand in the world. Asus laptop companies based in Taiwan, offering innovative laptop. One of the best-selling products are owned by Asus is Eee Line series from ASUS and is very popular, for Asus 1018P and 1016P series best sales experience. This type of series is a model of energy-efficient Intel Atom N455 processor has. Monitor displays clear images and sharp, the battery lasts quite a long time up to 10 hours. This is very useful if you work outside the home for hours.




5. Sony Laptop

laptop sony

Laptop Sony is a Japanese brand laptops, this laptop needs no introduction because it has been a pioneer in introducing several products other laptops. Sony laptop brands including products known for high quality, great design, features and functionality complete. Now Sony launches Vaio laptop with names, for W series, TT series, Z series and SR series, had excellent sales.





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