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The Tallest Man in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

sultan tallest man in the world

Sultan Kosen from Turkey is the world’s tallest man. The average tall man in Turkey is 1.7 meters. But the man from the Turkish Sultan Kosen is recorded as the tallest man in the world with 247cm of height, this 26 year-old man has been defeated Bao Xishun who have 236 cm of height. The current record has been solved by the Sultan Kosen, the man from Turkey, which is recorded in the Guinness World Records with height 2.47 meters.

Not only that, the man from Turkey is also holds the world record for longest palms and soles. Palm of his hand reach 27.5 cm, while the soles have a length of 36.5 cm.

Among his siblings, is only Kosen who have unnaturally high. The extrim high of Kosen came when he was 10 years old. At that time he suffered from rapidly growing tumors that cause produced hormone from glands in the brain.

Once the tumor is removed, the height of Kosen stopped growing, finally ended a year ago. Now he must use the long cane to walk. Kosen sometimes work as a farmer to help the family. Unfortunately, he was forced to quit school prematurely because of the his extreme high.

“My greatest dream is to marry and have children. I’m looking for my sweetheart, ” Kosen said.

But not always his super tall became a problem for Kosen. His height is an obstacle when he meet with a car. However, he can easily help her mother to replace light bulbs and installing curtains very easy.

” “Sultan is a figure with gentle, quiet, calm and not bothered with his size of height as the tallest man in the world”.


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