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The Sophisticated Electric Motor in the World


By : Ririn Sholiha

The electric motor is an electromechanical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is used to rotate the impeller pump, fan or blower, drive the compressor, and lifting the materials, etc. .

Electric motors are used in the home (mixer, electric drill, and fan) and in industry. The electric motor is sometimes called a “work horse” industry because it is estimated that motors use about 70 % of total electricity load in the industry. The How Electric Motors Work is as follows:

Mechanism of action for all motors are generally the same ( Figure 1 ) :
• An electric current in a magnetic field will experience a force if the current carrying wire is bent into a circle / loop , then both sides of the loop , ie at right angles to the magnetic field , will gain force in the opposite direction .
• Pair of forces creates rotary power / torque to rotate the coil. These motors have multiple loops on dinamonya to provide a more uniform torque and the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic structure called field coils.


That was a way of working in moving the engine Electric Motors, Electric Motors bike is currently on the list of most sophisticated motorcycles, because it is, in the world there are a few shows for the public in the International Bike Show in Birmingham, one of the most advanced electric motorcycle only TTX01, designation this electric motorcycle, is the most advanced emission -free motorcycle to be produced for the general public and has been legal for use on public roads in the UK. Author himself claims this vehicle can reach 60mph in just 3.5 seconds, to finally reach a maximum speed of 125mph on the speed, and will be sold in limited numbers next year for £ 20,000.

This bike was designed by British national technicians and backed by the organizers grandpix the world’s first emission -free, which will be held in the Isle of Man’s TT circuit next June. TTXGP organizers and racers, Azhar Hussain, said TTX01 is a showcase for electric vehicle technology in the future.

Not only electric motorcycle TTX01 course, there are many more electric motors are quite sophisticated. Here we will provide information on the world’s most advanced electric motor :


1 . The Electric Motor

electric car motor

electric car motor

Vivaoto – Eva Hakansson and her electric motorcycle called KillaJoule successful track to make history in the Bonneville Salt Flats speed breaker this week .

Because the Swedish female driver was able to penetrate the speed of 200 mph from the previous record and scored a top speed of 212.040 mph (341.172 km / h). The result, KillaJoule crowned as the fastest electric motorcycle in the world.

KillaJoule itself is designed by Eva with her husband, Bill Dube of KillaCycle with the help of Ben who became one of the pioneers of motorcycle lithium battery -powered drag race. Like motorcycle speed record breaker, KillaJoule designed aerodynamic as a bullet.


While Eva old faces in the world not because of speed before he competes in the arena to climb the hill, Pikes Peak electric motor design with her husband.

Despite winning a record pace, but the couple are not happy because they have not successfully made KillaJoule as the fastest bike in all categories of energy sources. Going forward, a powerful 300 hp KillaJoule is prepared to win a record speed of 224.201 mph (360.739 km / h) , which is still held by a conventional oil -fueled motors .

2 . Two Electric Motors

Two Electric Motors

Two Electric Motors

The Electric motor, MotoCzysz r E1pc is named the 2010 edition which is one of the motors powered by electricity, a small company based in Portland, Oregon, United States, founded by Michael Czysz which is electric-powered motor performance optimization. MotoCzysz E1pc 2010 edition consists of 5 pieces that have a battery -powered force of 10 times the battery capacity of a Toyota Prius and 2.5 times the torque of the power of the Ducati 1198. Having undergone several changes and pernyempurnaan from previous years, now MotoCzysz E1pc issued the latest variant in 2010 with the strength and optimum durability.

In the test trials and training sessions are generated TOP SPEED 140 mph, or about 225 kmh. Who want to penetrate the speed is about 200 mph or 321 kmh, the equivalent of the speed motor2 MotoGP. Future would not rule out the possibility for mass-produced. According to sources, the manufacturer is trying to seriously explore this cooperation is a manufacturer BAJAJ motorcycle manufacturer from India.

In addition, this bike has a fairing with a wavy shape that serves to draw air under the rider seat, has a low noise level, and because it has a relatively high rate of speed, this bike also has a safety device for the rider who called the emergency shutoff.

3 . Three Electric Motors

Three Electric Motors

Three Electric Motors

Five students from Norway have created a lightweight electric motorcycle. Weighing less than 25 pounds, this bike can move at speeds up to 180 km / hour. On July 23, 2012, electric motorcycle racing nuanced named Roskva is lightweight, because the use of carbon fiber in the frame, wheels, drive system and swing arm (swing arm). Roskva uses two electric motors powered 96.6 hp with a torque of 80 Nm. Acceleration from rest to 100 km / h takes only 3-4 seconds. Moreover, it relies on a battery-powered motor 6 kWh, which can be given a tour of up to 100 kilometers on a single charge. However, this bike has been no new information can be mass produced anytime.

4 . Four Electric Motors

Four Electric Motors

Four Electric Motors

The era of electric vehicles has arrived. A number of companies began issuing its production race. Company Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt electric cars have issued in the United States. Two-wheeled electric vehicles did not want to miss. Mission Motors introduces superbike power super sophisticated to the public in Long Beach Progressive International Motorcycle Show in California, USA.

On the motorcycle exhibition, Mission Motors showcased a different bike from previous bikes. The Superbikewhich use powertrain technology. The design displays better performance. With the advantages, these bikes will be in love in the market.

All motor data can be accessed through a WiFi or 3G connection. In terms of design, the Mission R chassis was made with the aim to integrate and balance the weight of the volume of the EV battery pack into a chassis sized bike. The chassis is wrapped in a new industrial design and aerodynamics with a narrow front area and ergonomics.

Mission R will be moving in early 2011. Not only that, this electric motorcycle will also race in the TTXGP racing series event. But until now there has been no confirmation about the price and when the motor is released in the market freely.


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