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The Smallest Monkey in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha


Monkey is a term for all members of the primates not prosimia (“pre-monkey”, such as lemurs and tarsiers) or apes, both living in the Old world and new. Until now 264 known species of monkeys that live in the world. Unlike apes, monkeys usually tailed and smaller. Monkeys are known to learn and use tool to help in getting food.

Grouping is parafiletik monkeys, Old World monkeys because (Cercopithecoidea) is actually closer genetic kinship with the apes (Hominidae), rather than New World monkeys (Platyrrhini).
Mandrill monkey is the largest. Some monkeys in everyday language is also commonly referred to as monkeys.

Some monkeys have used humans as a pet animal or animals to assist the daily work. Long-tailed monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) is the most unusual animals interact with humans and are often kept as a pet animal, circus animals, or laboratory experiments. He was also the first primate ever to outer space.

The types of animals in the world is now many, and one of them is known for its uniqueness, such as poison, age and so on. But these monkeys, famous for its small size and cute. The following information will be given in the list monkey smallest monkey in the world :


The Smallest Monkey in The World from Amazon
Pygmy Marmoset is an animal that comes from the Amazon rain forest west Basin in South America. With a weight of 100 grams and 15 cm high, this monkey is the smallest monkey in the world. No wonder because it is very small, this monkey can comfortably embrace the human finger.

Pygmy Marmoset form of small entities that make it easier to survive in the woods. Claws and tail make it can swing from one tree to another. These animals also can rotate its head 180 degrees, enabling them oversees about when looking for food.

If the monkeys like bananas in general, not for this one species. Pygmy Marmoset food in the form of sap, insects and fruits. They will suck the sap of the tree while waiting for certain types of small insects perch.

Pygmy Marmoset has been not so familiar animals. Its presence makes unique little animal is much in demand as an exotic animal to be maintained. However, maintaining the Pygmy Marmoset is not easy.

Because the Pygmy Marmoset babies need extra care in the form of 2 hours of a meal. In addition, often the owner will be bitten or her own feces thrown if the owner does not like. In addition, if taking a baby Pygmy Marmoset to be maintained easily die from stress-prone separated from the parent.

Species of pygmy marmosets, named marmouset that word from the French State, which means shrimp, or dwarf. Range from 5-6 inches long excluding the tail, when measured including the tail, the range of 6-8 inches long which is approximately 15-20 cm.

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