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The Narrowest Street in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Road Spreuerhofstrasse

Spreuerhofstrasse road is one of the narrowest streets in the world, and located in the city of Reutlingen Germany, It has unique attractions, that are the narrowest street in the world. The width of the road is only 30 centimeters. The Spreuerhofstrasse road briefly looked like a narrow alley around Jakarta. The two side of housing walls only leaving little space to walk. At the end of the road, there is handwriting in German and English stating that this is the narrowest road in the world.


The Reutilingen City Tourism Office head is very proud of the existence of this road thatmakes people difficult to pass by. Although this seems simple, the townsfolk always considered it a symbol path. The Narrow road along the four-meter is trully serves as a liaison between the district. The status was officially owned by the state. Reportedly Spreuerhofstrasse has been there since many years ago, but a new Guinness world record recognized institution in 2007. However, the government of the l capital province of Swabia, German, that this road is threatened by its existence because of water leakages of the pipes make the walls of houses along the road was getting narrower and more fragile. The government is trying to stop the narrowing of both sides of the wall on the street which was that the risk is it could damage the unique tourist attraction.


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