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The Most Unique Store Design in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Various methods are used by shopkeeper to attract many customers and increase sales, ranging from product quality goods store to design a unique and interesting that makes people want to go and see it. Here is a list of the world’s most unique store design :

1. Podium 1

electronic book

Stores are located in Paris, France this makes people curious because this store concept combines vintage impression as on some tables and cabinets made from weathered wood, paired with accents – shiny chrome accents, decorative cabinets, and covered by a gold-colored wallpaper. This makes the room look looks eccentric and riveting.








2. Romanticism

interior decorating

Romanticism is the owner of a clothing shop in Hangzhou (China), unique interior and attractive design. They design their shop by using ultra modern with extra ordinary Basketweave designed by SAKO Architects, starting with â € œkulitâ € white nets outside the store entrance and form the walls, benches and other architectural elements. This store design looks beautiful as the color is all-white to make the clothes and accessories available more attractive.










3. Candy Store Lolypop

a candy store

its Colorful, cute and attractive. Yummy! That’s the dominant flavor of a candy, child not only loved it, but teenagers and even adults love the taste of a candy.

Often candy we enjoy free time, work, leisure time, and of course became our daily snacks. The Taste and various forms of choice is our own choice. Ranging from sweet, sour, bitter mint flavor was even present ed. No doubt that candy is one of our current moods generating activity.

Well, ever imagine is not it? If it turns out there is a largest candy store in the world that can be encountered with the design of the place is interesting, colorful decorated with a variety of sweets that are currently often we call lollipops, and is a complete candy. Yapp! This is a store called Candylicious which is located in Dubai and width reach up to 10,000 feet.

besides, to be the largest, the store is designed as attractive as possible and the canopy were decorated with large lollipops and there is also a wall “pix and mix” in the world.

In addition we can also take existing candies on the wall of the shop with a large selection of colors and flavors. And that is not less interesting, we also can find candies that have been around a long time that is the M & Ms that invites us to back forward our moment because it has been around since the 80’s.



4. Barcelona

disney world tickets

Barcelona is a unique toy store and funny, beautiful design is very visible, using a mix of blue, purple and white.











5. Snarkitecture Richard Chai Pop-Up Store

home decorating

If you go into this store, you will feel like in the pole, because of the ice sculptures are so many around the walls of the store, so the store looks cool. But unfortunately the ice blocks are simply made of white foam carved with a hot wire, so it looks like the Arctic landscape. The use of white foam was chosen to reduce the budget-making, but the result is fabulous.










6. Patrick Cox

home decorating

The entire interior room of Patrick Cox shop in Tokyo is white so as to provide a positive effect especially with the support of the bright white pillars and make people focus on the goods – items such as purses and wallets. Due to the placement of pillars that are not symmetrical and supported with exotic lighting, this room looks very elegant. Designer Chikara Ohno is a local architect who design store with a large drum-shaped design and can found in almost all parts.







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