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The Most Unique Sofa Design in the World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Sofa in general can be interpreted as a long chair that has arms and backrest, layered foam and upholstery or upholstery. The term sofa comes from the word sopha which means as a seat like a cot or bed.

The sofa is usually located in the living room. A good sofa is a sofa that is of course comfortably occupied. Especially if the sofa is often used your family to meet miss. As for some Components sofa consists of :
• Frame, generally made of wood, the type of wood commonly used as a frame sofa, among others: Dutch teak, wood, meranti, mahogany, pine, and others. During its development, the use of sofa from iron or steel frame is widely used to obtain the strength and mechanical power of a sofa.
• The spring system, serves as an auxiliary force of the seat holder. The spring system is usually made of a per, but can also use webbing or rubber as a replacement.
• The holder, serves to provide comfort in a sofa. The level of tenderness of the cradle varies according to individual taste. Use of a cradle that will cause the cover to be slack, while the holder is too hard will cause the comfort level of the sofa to be reduced. The stand is made of foam, sometimes used as a support material to save the use of foam.
• Backrest. The backrest can be made of foam, dakron, or goose feather. Its use depends on the model of sofa made. The backrest made of goose feather has a high value.
• Upholstery. The key to the beauty of a couch lies in its upholstery. Upholstery can use fabric fabric, can also use leather (original or synthetic or oscar). Selection of upholstery should be adjusted to the theme of the room and the taste of the user’s sofa.

That was the explanation of the sofa component, Sofa is designed with a variety of shapes and materials. Some people who like the goods – unique or classic goods will find a sofa that has a design different from others. Here are some form of unique sofa in the world that could be an option :

1. Giant Cats
This sofa is a giant cat-shaped dark brown. The sofa is in the studio Antwerp, Belgium. This sofa is named ‘Felix Domesticus’. Sofa designed in 2010, has a large up to 3.5 meters. Visitors who come to the studio can try sitting on it.


2. Teddy Bear
Sofa Teddy Bear certainly fit placed in the child’s room. Sofa with Teddy Bear back or big giant brown bear this can be an option. This sofa is made by The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.

3. Pixel patterned sofa
Pixel patterned sofa is Designed by Danish producer, Kvadrat, based on the concept of Cristian Zuzunaga, dropout Royal College of Art. This contemporary sofa definitely catches the attention of everyone looking at the wide spectrum of colors. We are pretty sure that people who use computers and especially designers will love something smelling of Pixels in their studio or office.

4. Silver sofa
Some time ago We noticed that the shiny metal & fashion trends with colors like silver, gold and bronze became quite popular. Today we’ve found that this trend is also ‘stimulating’ the furniture industry and a great example is Hollywood Stardom Sofa, an ultra-unique piece of furniture that can bring a Hollywood-style glamor to your living room.

5. Sofa back to its original shape
At first glance you might ask yourself “What’s this?” Designed by Animi Causa has a really cool and unusual shape. Its shape is inspired by the molecular structure, the basic form for all objects of the universe. Made of 120 sofa balls covered with elastic fabric. If you are a fun person, this sofa can use it in many creative ways, because the structure allows to create several other forms.

6. Sofa pairs of plug (Obelisk Furniture)
This sofa is quite practical because it can be dismantled pairs. Although it looks small it can still be occupied, even there is also a table.

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