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The Most Unique Shoes in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

The development of fashion today is indeed very rapidly and has many new innovations are present. No responsbilities even many of the fashion designers created a very unique and cute fashion but still look luxurious when used. Just as shoes as the most unique concepts in the world. The world’s most unique concepts of these shoes are that have different styles in general and tend to be very unique. Women are very concerned about the appearance that she was wearing; to which many women use a unique shoes to beautify its appearance. The following are the world’s most unique concepts shoes:
1. Ballet boot (1980-present)

ballerina shoes

Ballet boot is one of the most unique shoes in the world. As time goes on, these shoes are more popular in the fashion world, especially in Japan. The structure is similar to shoes ballet shoes are seasoned with the right super high, so it created the impression that the wearer is forced to tiptoe as high as possible as the ballerina when dancing. Ballet boot is gaining its popularity in the 1980s, and is now available worldwide.





2. Armadillo Shoes

armadillo shoes

Armadillo Shoes are one of the most unique in the world of shoes; armadillo itself means insect-eating animals. Recently, in 2010, Alexander McQueen, launched a set of the Armadillo shoes which was later popularized by Lady Gaga and several other celebrities.





3. Alexander McQueen shoes black red

mcqueen shoes

Alexander McQueen always creates works beyond expectations. Design a pair of shoes re-named the most unique design. The shoe is a collection of Autumn or Winter 2009. Despite the odd looks, the shoes are equipped with two rights seem to be able to helping you stand without losing balance.







4. Shoes Giorgio Armani

giorgio armani watch

Giorgio Armani shoes specially made for Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards 2010 can also be categorized as a unique shoe. Apart form the sole rights and strange, full of crystal detail makes these shoes look more attractive.







5. Lady Gaga’s meat shoes

lady gaga meat costume

Lady Gaga’s appearance when attending the MTV Movie Awards 2010 is indeed unforgettable. She walked on the red carpet wearing a canal, headwear and boots which are made from meat. Of course, the shoes were entered into the list of the world’s most unique shoes.







6. Flipper Shoes

create your own shoes

Flipper shoes are Froggy shoes that commonly used for sport diving, equipped with high heels. These shoes are created by a designer from Australia, Lisa Carney. By wearing these shoes, you don’t need to bother to change shoes if you want to swim.







7. Shoes Flowers

bridal hair clips

Shoes flower is one of the most unique in the world of shoes, these shoes really use flowers. White flowers strung into sandals with a twig as heels.








8. Punk Shoes

dr martins boots

Heels shoe comes with a strong punk theme. Almost the entire surface is coated and decorated with studded shoes (spikes) silver. Interestingly the black shoes with stiletto rights also fitted details of fangs on the front of the shoe.









9. Screw shoes

online outlet shopping

This shoe design may seem quite complicated. I wonder what inspired the designer, but the shoes were decorated with foliage and red flowers on the entire surface of the shoe.








10. Ballerina Shoes 8 Inches

ballerina shoes

these shoes are made by Christian Louboutin. With a fantastic right size is 8 inches or 20 centimeters. This shoe is also studded with Swarovski crystals, satin, and if used would make your feet bended like a ballet dancer. On the base shoe, there are Louboutin’s signature. These shoes are made specifically for a community fundraising greatest ballerina in England, the English National Ballet (ENB). Later, it will be auctioned in the “Summer Party Silent Auction” and is expected to rake in £ 50,000. Louboutin said, “With the heel, makes dancers closer to the sky, closer to heaven.”



11. Shoes Aquarium

buy shoes online

In the 1970’s, the world of fashion shoes trend introduces ‘disco goldfish’. The hallmark of these shoe is have a mini aquarium on the right or the soles, which are usually made of a kind of transparent acrylic glass. Some models are designed by placing the knob on the soles or right. When about to be, the knob can be opened to enter the water and fish. After using, the fish can be restored again to the aquarium is more convenient. However, there are also equipped with the air bubbles to give breath as aquarium fish in general. However, the recent trend of shoes was gone. Many people can’t bear to put fish on the bottom of shoes. Although many users put the fish only for a few hours when the shoes are used, but often the fish die sooner. The Shocks and lack of oxygen in the shoes are the reasons of quick fish dying. That’s what then drives the designers who love this kind of shoes produced another shoes with artificial fish display. Several variations are created the same, ranging from models of high heels, boots, loafers, sneakers up.


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