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The Most Unique Places in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Earth is the third farthest planet from eight planets in our Solar System. It was estimated reached 4.6 billion years. The distance between Earth and the sun was 149.6 million kilometers or 1 AU (Britain: Astronomical Unit). The earth’s rotation is 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds. While at that time the revolutionaries is 365.25 days. Earth has the layer of air (atmosphere) and magnetic field that is called (magnetosphere) that protect the surface of the Earth from the wind, solar rays ultraviolet radiation from outer space and. The layer of air surrounds the Earth from a height around 700 kilometers. The layer of air is divided into Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere,Termosfer, and Eksosfer.

Earth is also refer to the people’s lives, in emerging technology, the places that remote hidden has been able to find ways to perform in the eyes of the world. This World there is nothing more than others, but there are other instead. This is the balance of nature. Nevertheless, it does not mean that more than better or more good from the opposite. In fact, they can impressive. In addition, this world is full of the places that wonderful and unique to passed by, the places that cloistered but it is so amazing.

All of that is the beauty nature that are charming and make our hearts admire the greatness of God who created the entire universe. Following the places that have the both of them, and if you to go there, and you will surely was surprised because how beautiful and unique panorama which was created by God to this world.

1. Cano Cristales, Colombia

Cano Cristales is a river, which is located in the mountains Serrania de la Macarena. This area is very remote areas, in which way to get is only ride a horse, donkey or on foot. This area was filled with waterfalls, and cisterns rapids where the water is crystal clear to s the urface so it can be clearly seen.

When rainy season and dry season between September-November, the rivers will be exchanged by being filled with a mixture color red, blue, green, black and yellow, this river has no fish because the line is complex and branch-maze. Because the beauty of this river is called by the name of The River of Five Colours, The Liquid Rainbow and The River That Ran Away From Paradise.

most isolated places

most isolated places


2. Pamukkale

Modern Pamukkale is one of the areas that is beautiful, and is located in Turkey, modern Pamukkale meaning fortress cotton, and also called for white, because the color seashells are very much due to high concentrations of kalsit in water.

Finally deposit sediment travertine creating a white terrace, this waterfall has 17 hot springs heated by underground volcanoes. The hot water is used as a healing spa for thousands of years. The healing properties attract people’s interest from all over the area; to help preserve the area finally built the hotel and road access which has been decreased, as well as man-made ponds designed to assist in maintaining the natural beauty of Pamukkale.

worlds most unique places

worlds most unique places


3. Salar de Uyuni

This is the world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 km ² or 4,085 square miles. This is south-west Bolivia, near the top Andes, 3,650 meters. Main Mineral that is found in salar is salt coral reefs and gipsum.
Because of its grand size, its smooth surface,high surface reflected the surface that was when covered with shallow water, and the height minimum deviation, Salar de Uyuni made target that is ideal for the test remote sensing and calibration instruments long-distance satellite that an area unobservable used to learn more about Earth.

Salar de Uyuni is expected containing 10 billion tons of salt, which is less than 25,000 metric tons per year. Salar de Uyuni is also the place to reproduce three species of flamingoes South America: Chile, James and Andes flamingoes.

uyuni salt flats

uyuni salt flats


4. Tristan de Cunha, England

Tristan de Cunha entering the cluster of small islands in the southern Atlantic Ocean. This Island was occupied by 8 which has 272 family members, and still one generation. Whether because of its remote island location or because of a natural environment surrounded by the sea, the island population generally suffers from asthma and glaucoma. Second as the disease has become a hereditary disease in the family.

Tristan de Cunha Island ruled England since the 1800s. The island’s population has a zip code and use English. To meet their daily need, they grow crops, and if you want to buy other needs, such as clothing and cosmetics, they bought it online. It took a long time for the seller to send the goods ordered due to long distances and difficult terrain because they have to cross the Atlantic. However, the scenery in this island is very beautiful and is still original.

most isolated places

most isolated places


5. Guaira Falls, Brazil-Paraguay border

Guaira Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world with volume waterfall that reaches an average of 1,750,000 cubic per-second. Guaira Falls is located in the border of Brazil-Paraguay.

In 1982, Guaira waterfall built a dam for power plant named Itaipu Dam, which is now a second-largest dam electricity generating in the world, after Gorges Dam. Itaipu Dam supplies 90 percent electricity to Paraguay, and 19 percent to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

niagra fallas

niagra fallas


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