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The Most Unique Motorcycle in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicles, which are powered by a engine. Inline and side of the vehicle at high speeds the bike upside down, still not stable. That’s because due to the giroskopik style, on low speed setting sustainable through their handlebars in order to provide stability for the rider.

Motorcycles are now a lot of variation, i.e. from some motorcycles are equipped with foot boards, such as the motor car, the Chinese side and also a three-wheeled, commonly referred to as a trike.

The use of motorcycles are the most popular and most currently in Indonesia, because it is relatively inexpensive, affordable to some circles, its fuel and the use of efficient kettles, as well as its operational cost is also very low. During the lebaran mudik used motorcycle for long-distance travel, from Jakarta to East Java, Lampung. This is because with the use of motorcycles will be more pressing travel expenses, in addition when it is already up in hometown may be used as an effective vehicle.

The more motorcycles we encounter in a country, then the more motorcycles kinds ranging from type, brand, and model. In addition, now some people who like to wear these vehicles vying attempts to modify his motorcycle in order to look nice, and unique despite spending a lot of money on their hobby, want to know kinds of this unique motorcycle !!! The following information will be given some unique motorcycles in the list of the most unique motorcycles in the world :

1 . Motorcycles Music

motorcycle shows

motorcycle shows

This bike works Reindy Allendra bike combines with the music player . Indeed, music is now more and more people enjoy doing and can not be separated from everyday life. For a bike that was designed with the music, other than that, this bike can be used for sports, work, or to just walk without escape from music.

Music player is installed on the handlebars which can be changed its position easily, and was able to convert the energy from the wheels of the bike to charge the battery that is used , not only to fill its music player but also to turn on the lights at night .




2 . Motorcycle Box

helmets for sale

helmets for sale

The motorbike is designed with a minimalist design, and look nothing like motorcycle in general form, the world’s most unique concepts motor works Joey Ruiter who want to create a motorcycle that is completely new, the material is made of stainless steel, artistic and minimalist look, this unique motorcycle including Electrical Motor types, and has a range of about 90 miles or about 3 hours with a power capacity of 1000 w.






3 . Uno Motorcycle

best electric bike

best electric bike

The Uno Motorcycles are burning electricity -powered vehicles that have similarities to the motor unicycle . This is well described in news reports as “one-wheeled motorcycle ” or ” electric unicycle ” , more accurately called dicycle that created by putting two wheels unaxial which attached closely by her side at the midpoint of the vehicle .






4 . Motorcycles Peraves MonoTracer

electric bicycles

electric bicycles

The MonoTracer Peraves is fully enclosed motorcycle , which features a sporty aerodynamic appearance , in addition, it is low fuel consumption , so economical if we use this motorcycle .

The Peraves Monotracer lately updated appearance, certainly more interesting with version Ecomobile made in Switzerland.




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