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The Most Unique Iron in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Iron (from Dutch: strijkijzer) is how to remove wrinkles from clothing with a heated tool. The tools typically used for this is also called a “board”. Usually the newly washed clothes must be ironed to smooth back. This happens because when the polymer molecules in the fibers of clothing heated, the fibers straightened by the weight of the board. Once cool, the clothes maintain this straight shape. Some fabrics need to be given water to loosen the bonds between molecules. Currently there are a lot of synthetic polymer fabric that is promoted as the material does not need to be ironed.

Ancient irons made of iron-filled charcoal burning. The current board is made mostly of aluminum and stainless steel, with a heat source of electricity. In the board there is a thermostat that controls the temperature. In addition, some modern irons also can convert water into steam to wet clothes. Hot irons that are not used should be placed upright so it does not burn the surface underneath and cause a fire. In addition there is also a wireless irons are heated in a docking station, and portable irons for ironing small form tie or for travel. Besides Iron given the thermostat, there is also a safety thermofuse used for the same function as the fuse, but the heat that passes through thermofuse tolerance limit will drop.

Iron came into use people since 400 BC by the Greeks. At that time, iron is used to make vertical folds on the clothes of greatness that will be used to perform certain rites or rituals.

The Romans also used the board noted that the shape is like now resembles a modern board. Iron is used by the Romans when it was called prelum.
Type this board using the technique of pressing (pressure), so many people who call similar to the wine maker (Winepress).

Based on other records, irons are also known and used by the Chinese around the 1st century BC. Iron is a metal pot that can be filled with hot coals (coals).

Over time, board also continues to experience growth. Here is the order of the development of iron-year period AD to the present :

* Early 17th century people used an iron known as sadiron. This type of board shaped piece of metal that is thick with a flat surface and a handle. In this period, iron is then refined into a metal box that can be handled embers.
* The end of the 19th century until the early 20th century found printed board (cast iron).
* 1800 The board found the gas (gas iron).
* In the 1800s discovered electric iron.

That was the information about the board of the BC period to the present, further information will be given tips on ironing with the Quick, easy and neat :

1. Provide the deodorant and spray to lubricate difficult ironed clothes.
2. Before you begin paving the clothes, the clothes that will be used to classify our board and make it a habit turned it so much easier and faster to iron.
3. If ironing pants, try pants stacked in a pile, just started ironing on top of the pile.
4. Then iron the clothes first and then later fold it after all been ironed.

Hopefully the tips earlier can help moms to make it easier for the ironing, Next we will give information about the board, which is included in the list of world’s most unique board, the following information :

1. The First Antique iron Made in England

wrought iron fence

wrought iron fence














2. The Second Antique Iron before ironing charcoal, made in around 1850

iron fence

iron fence














3. The Third Antique Iron with fuel oil at the pump

wrought iron fence

wrought iron fence

Antique irons with fuel oil at the pump, the condition is still new, but because it has been many years of storage, the condition becomes dull, complete with original spare parts, made from England.





4. Transparent Iron

ironman costume

ironman costume

The transparent B-IRON 725 is a transparent board. so you can see the clothes being ironed. made of heat-resistant glass.








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