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The Most Unique House in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

The house is a place of refuge and resting, I wonder if there is the phrase “Sweet Home”, however the shape and condition of our homes, it is our palace, we should be proud of, some people are trying to build a very unique house as they wish, to be sure it must have spend a lot of money to achieve it, one of them is like a Music House like piano, and many more. The following is a list of the most unique house in the world :

1. Music House

luxury homes

Music house is one of the most unique houses in the world, although this house is formed like a piano but it can be used as home typically, the unique thing is the staircase like a violin. It is imaginable when viewing this house, as if we see the graet piano and violin. Probaby,the owner of this house really love the art of music.





2. Reversed Home

unique modern house

Upside down house is also one of the most unique house in the world, it is very strange at first glance, but it can serve as a typical house, it is not only the outside that upside down but also the content inside. Wow!!! Can we imagine if we look directly, wouldn’t we get confused.






3. Cubic Houses

cubic houses in rotterdam

Cubic Houses is one of the most unique houses in the world, it’s originated from the idea of Piet Blom who wants to build a cubic house in 1970, eventually these cubic houses can make happen, it is located in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This form is unique, the design is ambitious, and different styles have been applied by modern architecture. If we look at this house it looks so weird, but the house can also be used as a house typically.





4. Shaped Snails House

unique house plants

Snail house is one of the world’s most unique house; this house is not less unique to the other houses, from outside the house is almost like a snail that we frequently see, with an attractive design and the mixture of colorful paint, this house look more beautiful and good.






5. Kettle House

unusual houses in the world

Kettle House is one of the world’s most unique houses; it is located in Texas, the United States. This house not only looks like a kettle, but also can function properly. This form is really alike s kettles drinks, but precisely this house can be occupied just like a normal house.









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