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The Most Unique Durian in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Durian is one of the most favoured fruits, its addicted taste and distinctive smell makes people want to eat again and again, but unfortunately the durian can you get only on durian’s season, otherwise it’s difficult to find it. For durian’s fans, the fruit is known for varied tastes. But the flesh of the fruit, shape on the average and the color of it generally the same. But there is one unique durian that we can not ease to get, it’s also delicious. Here is the most unique durian in the world :


1. Durian fruit contains the Color Red

tropical fruit

Durian contains red color is found in Dukuh Slembi, Jurug Village, District Mojosongo, Boyolali. At first glance of her skin, this durian is no differing from most durian. However, once it is torn, the flesh is yellow – redish like copper, when it is ripe, the flesh color becoming red. The taste was also different from other durian. It is more gentle and sweet. In this Slembi area there is only one red durian tree in the yard of one resident. The Price is the same as durian durian in general.





2. Durian contains Durian within

fruit that contains vitamin c

The contains of its durian is very unique on its forms, the taste is also like other durian, but because of its unique shape and not easily get, this durian flavor is getting delicious and the shape became more attractive by many people.








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