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The Most Unique Design Clothing in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

World Fashion is a world full creativity, it is not surprising if the designers compete each other to make a fashion as interesting and as good as possible; they tried to make the hallmark of their own, even sometimes they are unique and interesting sometimes even shaped fashion their work unique and interesting. The following is the most unique design clothing in the world :

1. Clothing Water

dresses in fashion

This water clothes is a canal with a nude-colored mini pleated detail and drapes. But what makes it unique and interesting is that outwear is equipped with transparent plastic that resembles a splash of water.








2. Clothing Interest

women dress

This flower dress is a long canal in pink and white, this Dress looks unique and interesting because all its parts are equipped with roses.











3. LED Flare Dress

fashion designer

Clothing Flare (Pyrotechnic) LED dress with a heavy energy-saving light, and has made a designer consider area applications that countless people. Dutch Designer Stijn Ossevoort has boosted by a gown that nicknamed Flare (Pyrotechnic), where embroidery with LED that is supported by wind energy can walk going along the street, shining dress with different patterns.





4. Skirts Giant

fashion designer

A detailed ruffle skirt comes in size that are unusually large.present in unusually large size. The model also looks like a dark smoke with that cover the legs.








5. Doll clothes

women clothes

This Puppet clothe is a long-sleeved shirt red-brown, this t-shirt appeared unique, interesting, and funny that throughout this portion is equipped with puppets.








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