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The Most Unique Business in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha


Business opportunities are diverse, ranging from handicrafts, restaurant and manufacturing of fresh milk, etc., all have a unique and distinctive art form, if we see the environment around us and more businesses are unique and have a lot of money, because they are able to attract the attention the customer to buy it in droves. The following is one of the world’s most unique businesses:

1. Restaurant

theme restaurants

This Japanese restaurant is one of the world’s most unique restaurant, that located in Tribeca, New York,it has a unique ministry that dazzled amazed visitors. The Japanese cuisine menus that are presented in this restaurant are served by skilled ninja-ninja. The Visitors are amazed by the action of the waiter’s ninja style. It is not only in terms of costume, the waiters also serve food with fire tricks. The visitors get shock when suddenly ninja hanging in the sky sword out while providing food that was ordered.

Not only there, if the customers ordered soup, this ninja will cook on the customer’s table. They will skillfully chop scallions, and cook with a temperature of 800 Celsius directly on the table. This restaurant has made a breakthrough in the field of culinary New York. If you go into the dark elevator, you’ll be greeted by two men dressed in ninja next to you. They will greet ‘Hello’, but surely you will cry out in surprise. Due to the unique of service this restaurant is able to generate more visitors and money.




2. Preparation of Fresh Milk

goats milk

Fauzan Rachmansyah is one of the winners of independent entrepreneurs, his business is as one of the most unique concepts in the business world, Starting from the idea of making dairy farmers, then sprung the idea of making fresh milk of its own with a Cattlemen’s assortment of flavor such as fruit, chocolate etc. , and opened a small stall, finally bearing fruit, milk tavern serves a variety of “Kalimilk” brand with milk made by Fauzan Rachmansyah managed to invite many visitors. The store brand milk with “Kalimilk” recently opened in the end of 2010 when it was already a well-known brand in Yogyakarta,it was almost every night

Store brand milk with “Kalimilk” which opened late 2010, it has become well-known brand in the Jogjakarta almost every night always full. Even these two shops belongs to Fauzan , he always anticipated by the guests who did not get a table. He Turnover of two stalls of fresh milk this year could reach USD 1.1 billion, but this shop just opened last year, precisely June 2011, with a capital of USD 70 million loan. The Kalimilk which is a brand of PT Farbes Indonesia is a supply of milk from his own cattle ranch. The plan, in 2012 Kalimilk will spread out to several cities in Indonesia, such as Solo, Malang, Jakarta and other cities.



3. Crafts Business Opportunity

craft business

Handicraft business has its own art, this business opportunities can be a profitable money. The various handicraft products have attracts many consumers, ranging from the making of handbags, rattan beautiful and unique, and many more.

The Business opportunity of making rattan handbag is apparently already owned by Mr. Panut Mulyawiyata, armed with work experience for over 10 years in the rattan furniture production plants, he succeeded in creating the production of beautiful and unique handbags for women’s accessories.

With the help of experts totals of 40 people, the production of business opportunity ,”handicraft rattan bag” has about 260 creations, kinds and product type bag or basket. Armed with the branding name “Anggun Rattan”, this handbags crafts can inspire you to be able to take advantage this business opportunity of rattan handicrafts as well.


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