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The Most Unique Bike in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Motorbike is one of means of transportation in the interest of enough people, especially in Indonesia, of course, the type and brand are varied, ranging from Honda Supra to the Automatic Motorbike “Honda Vario”, etc., there are some people who their hobby is having a unique motorbike and differ from the others. The following is a list of the most unique motorcycles in the world :

1. Confederate Renovatio

motor for bike

Confederate Renovatio is Renovatio concept motorbike from Confederate Motorcycles based in America that is a radical concept bike designed by Confederate lead designer Ed Jacobs’s. It is very minimalist with all the elements of a bicycle mechanic.






2. Aston Martin V12-Engined Monsters

aston martin db 7

Aston Martin quality in the automotive world is no longer in doubt. The Products are often used in James Bond movie. This British manufacturer also created the monster bike with a power AM V12. The great shape is indeed hard to believe, not to mention the energy that reaches 425 hp. This motor bike which has a 6L V12 Aston Martin engine power plant, worthed for Rp1, 2 billion. These motors are also used for a big-shaped biker. Call it a Harley Davidson, BMW, and Trumiph.





3. Monster Bike

bicycle news

This is the world’s most unique Motorbike, a group of motorcycle fans led by Tilo Niebel in a rural area of East Germany Zillah showed that the bike is assembled by skilled-hand and other creative ideas; of course, it has its own characteristics.





4. Police Motorcycles

police motorcycle










5. Motorcycle Shoes

motor cycle clothing











6. Motorcycles Regio

chopper bike

Motorcycles Regio managed to create a motorbike that looks great and unique. Motor of Regio’s design has weight of 4,000 kg with length of 10 meters and height of 5 meters. This bike can run at a distance of 100 meters, its meaning that this bike entered main requirements in the Guinness world record.

Motors of Regio’s design uses a GM 5700 engine and have diameter tires that reach 2 metres that are only used on large wheel tractors. To be able to see firsthand, this bike will be involved in the 26 th Biker Fest on May 10 to 13 2012.


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