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The Most Unique Bed Cover in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Sleep is one thing that our body needs to maintain balance and health, that’s why covers and bed cover become significant thing in design, that is all for sleeping comfortly. The design of bed cover is diverse ranging from the motives that make adults interested, to a special motive for kids. But before we discuss the list of the world’s most unique bed cover, we will give you tips on how to take care for the bed cover. The steps are :

1. Wash bed linen bed covers and bed linen cover with cold water or warm
2. If you wash your bed cover sheets using the washing machine select normal or moderate rotation
3. Do not wash the bed covers and sheets using bleach
4. Do not soak the bed sheets and bed covers using laundry soap (detergent) is too long, should not be soaked
5. Bed linen should not be brushed
6. Do not squeeze too hard cover sheets
7. Bed linen bedcover should not be dried under direct sun, while drying linen bed cover with the positions reversed
8. Iron bed covers sheet with heat being

So how to treat bed cover, bed cover course so we had a nice stay. Furthermore, we discuss, on the list of the world’s most unique bedcover:

1. Ruled Couple Bed

Ruled Couple Bed is a bed cover design with lining, soft colors bring a sense of comfort. The bed cover is suitable for couples who do not sleep too much with you.


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2. Ipod Touch

Ipod Touch is a design of bed cover such as ipod, it seems a cover bed is perfect for those who want to dreamed of IPod.

hotel collection bedding


3. Bed Cover Month


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4. Bed Cover Dolphins


guest house

5. Bed Cover Bear


quilt bed cover

6. Bed Cover Posts

hotel collection bedding



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