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The Most Popular Home Designs in the World


By : Ririn Sholiha


In a general sense , the house is one of the building used as a place to stay for a certain period . The house could be a human or an animal shelter , but for a specific term shelter for the animals are caged , nest , or enclosure . In a special sense , refers to the concepts of social – community that exists in the residential buildings , such as the family , living , eating , sleeping , activity , and others .

As a building , house -shaped space bounded by walls and a roof . The house has a driveway with additional windowed door . Usually a ground floor house , tiles , rugs , ceramic , or other materials . Modern -style house usually has these elements .

Room in the house is divided into several spaces that serve specific , such as bedrooms , bathroom , WC , dining room , kitchen , family room , living room , garage , barn , porch and yard .

The house has a variety of models and designs of diverse types , in addition to the minimalist model homes , there are also several other models such as a model home contemporary house , traditional house and modern house models . In addition to having a variety of model homes today have a standard size , such as the type 36 , the type 45 , type 54 houses , and others .

In day-to- day activities , people usually are outside the home to work , attend school or perform other activities . While the most commonly performed activities in the house is resting and sleeping . The rest , the house serves as a place to move between family members or friends , both inside and outside the home yard .

The house can also serve as a place to enjoy a comfortable life , a place to rest , a family gathering place and a place to indicate the level of society . Therefore , seiringnya with the times , now many houses with good design and much liked by the people . For those of you who now want to renovate your house with a design that is now more popular , the following information will be given the most popular design houses in the world :


1 . Greenhouse

Steve Hermann architectural masterpiece home in Montecito , California , has an area of 13 875 square meters ( m2 ) , the house is priced at U.S. $ 35 . Besides being equipped with five bedrooms , the kitchen contains a wine cellar , and art galleries , luxury homes it also makes a collection of cars from various years . However , the current home price fell to U.S. $ 28.5 .

modern home design

modern home design


2 . Property Rancho Mirage in Southern California .

House area of 16,800 m2 in price of U.S. $ 16.7 million . The house contains seven bedrooms , a theater room , a library , and a pool of glass equipped with a cave in it .

rancho mirage resort

rancho mirage resort



3 . Houses in the north of the city of Santa Fe , New York .

This house has an area of 15 thousand m2 , and is located around the hills . The house price of U.S. $ 13.5 million . The house was completed in 2007, it has four bedrooms , seven bathrooms , a swimming pool with a waterfall , a playroom , as well as stables or horse stables .

Houses in the north of the city of Santa Fe

Houses in the north of the city of Santa Fe


4 . Houses in Carmel , California .

The house is complete with three bedrooms and three bathrooms , a greenhouse with a view of the Pacific ocean has a wood burning fireplace and elevator . This luxury home is built on an area of 5,800 m2 . The house price of U.S. $ 12.5 million .


home designs

home designs


5 . Houses Manta Senator

Residence manta New York State Senator and Railway King , Samuel Sloan has a land area of 16 hectares in Garrison , New York or northern New York City , this house was built in the 1860’s .

A lawyer , William John Moss , then buy a house area of 13 thousand m2 in the year 1995. Both he and his wife also raise 10 children in the house . However , in 2005 , the owner died so the family decided to sell the house for Rp . 3.75 million .


manta for sale


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