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The Most Expensive Watch in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Time is precious, so most people wear wristwatches as a timepiece, but nowadays it has been a choice of hand accecories to men and women and the realm had becoming a style, fashion and lifestyle of the wearer’s identity, no wonder the production of watches trying to make creations – finest and most unique creations to attract consumers to buy, until they created the most expensive watches in the world based on its material : consisting of gold, diamonds, gems, platinum, etc.. Here is a list of most expensive watches in the world :

1. Chopard


Chopard watches is one of the most expensive watches in the world, worth $ 25 Million, if the conversion to dollars 237.5 billion, the beauty of this watch is located on the stone – a beautiful stone that consists of three red (15 carat) , blue (12 carat) and silver (11 carats) and colored stones, watches around diamonds have heart-shaped, white diamonds are arranged to form flowers and has yellow diamond as the center. So the total of all of this watch has 874 diamonds and weighs 201 carats.







2. Henry Graves Supercomplication

expensive watch

Watches made in 1932 was created by Patek Philippe & co, a watch company based in Switzerland. The price offered was outstanding, it was U.S. $ 11,002,500. This clock is a pocket watch made of gold and has two sides and 24 complications. This clock takes 4 years to make and break the world record as the most expensive watches that have ever sold.







3. Tour de l’Ile

patek philippe

Vacheron Costantin Tour de l’Ile is made in 2005, the price is $ 1,500,000 if converted to dollars USD. 18 billion, this watch design is taken from 834 parts, more than 10,000 man watches that will be created and composed of features 18 carat gold with silver, other materials take from crocodile skin hand-sewn, and buckle pink. The Original combination of complications watch – hour and astronomical indications forming 16 different points, including minute repeater, sunset time, perpetual calendar, second time zone, and the Tourbillon devices.






4. Hublot


Hublot watches made in 1980 by Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the watch is made of extract special black diamonds 544 total in 34.5 carats. The price is at U.S. $ 1,000,000, -, if converted into rupiah at Rp. 9 Billion, these watches are one of the most expensive watches in the world.







5. Jaeger-LeCoultre – Joaillerie 101 Manchette (Priceless till date) Spoiler for:

jaeger lecoultre

These watches are made for a million dollar baby from Jaeger-LeCpultre, the basic material of this watch is 576 diamond and sapphire dial, this watch is designed like a bracelet, a black leaf. The Winding crown is behind these watches, each unit is made entirely in 18 carat white gold. As the price of these watches ,it is very expensive until now.






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