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The Most Expensive Television in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

TTelevisions are now widely known by the public, they use the television to watch TV, most people now have a television, but television nowadays are very much on the markets, ranging from low-cost televisions up to its price.

Television now is like the outstanding gadgets, the advanced technology inside the television, the screen is cleaner and sharp image display, and there are additional features, which making television as a luxury and expensive items. The following information will be given a list of the world’s most expensive television, for those of you who have plans to buy a TV, I hope this information helps :).

1. Television Prestige HD Supereme Edition

Stuart Hughes makes television named PrestigeHD that measuring 55 “, made by Metz, television is covered by 18 carat rose gold, and adorned with seventy-two round cut, 1 carat flawless diamond. Besides this television has hand-sewn alligator leather inside panel.

Television Prestige HD Supreme Edition be more effective alternative to the Supreme Rose Edition. The Features is the 22 yellow gold and 48 pieces of round sparkling diamonds, in 75 carat, and also the features of aventurin topaz and diamonds. The prices is $ 2.26 Million.


expensive television

expensive television



2. Television Yalos Diamond

Television Yalos Diamond LCD TV is one of the most expensive in the world, and manufactured by the Italian company. This Expensive TV has a screw or weld the unseen, and the aesthetic is the work of Japanese designer ,Takahide Sano, this luxury television can be purchased in sizes up to 46 “, this TV covered around 160 genuine 20 carat diamond. TV prices was $ 140,000, when converted into rupiah at Rp. 1.26 billion, -.


flat screen tv reviews

flat screen tv reviews



3. TV BeoVision 4-103

4-103 BeoVision televisions is measuring at 103 “is one of the world’s most expensive television, this television has a motorized stand that can adjust the viewing angle quickly, auto color management and auto picture control to make sure that it always has the best picture. TV prices was $ 140,000, when converted into rupiah at Rp. 1.26 billion, -.


the most expensive diamond

the most expensive diamond



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