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The Most Expensive Schools International in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

International standard schools ( SBI ) is a national school level in Indonesia with international quality standards . Teaching and learning in these schools emphasize the development of creativity , innovation , and experimentation to spur new ideas that have never been there .

SBI Development in Indonesia based on Law no . 20 Year 2003 on National Education System Article 50 Paragraph 3 . In this provision , governments are encouraged to develop an international educational unit
The international standard is required in SBI Competency Standards , Curriculum , Teaching and Learning Prosees , HR , Facilities , Management , Financing , and Valuation of international standards . In SBI , the process of teaching and learning is delivered in two languages, English and Indonesian .

Education is one of the most important things for humans . Quite often many people vying for a good quality education . This also applies to parents on their children . To get a good quality education , high cost was willing issued . For it is no wonder that there are expensive schools in the school administration . Of course, having quality education of international standard .

In the world of education , money is not an object . This is because someone will always try to get the best education that money can buy . This means that one must save for school fees in universities most qualified . However, being a student of the college is the most popular competitive . That is why we have to prepare themselves as early as possible to provide the opportunity for our children as possible . The following school information will be given in the list of most expensive international schools in the world :


1 . Institut Le Rosey

most expensive boarding schools in the world

most expensive boarding schools in the world

Institut Le Rosey is often referred to as Le Rosey or simply Rosey is located in the country of Switzerland . It is the most expensive schools in the world and has been educating royalty from around the world . The school was founded by Paul – Émile Carnal in 1880 on the site of the 14th-century Château du Rosey near the town of Rolle in the Canton of Vaud . Rosey is one of the oldest boarding schools in Switzerland and is a prestigious educational institution . The school has 400 students . Campus buildings that stood on the land area of almost 70 acres offers many facilities including 10 tennis courts , equestrian area and skateboard park . Students also learn the language of instruction 4 . This school has an alumni of the kings and nobles .

Le Rosey is located on two campuses , one at the side of Lake Geneva Rolle for the spring session and the other in a beautiful ski village of Gstaad for the winter .

This school uses a bilingual curriculum in which students learn in English and French and more if they want . The students at Le Rosey has the privilege , students are encouraged to explore creativity , traveling , and finding their own culture . Le Rosey employs nearly one hundred full time academic , music and PE teachers , about half of them are full- time academic teachers on English language programs . Teachers come from all over the world , while the school’s policy to maintain a mix of nationalities and approaches to match the character and international bilingual school . The majority are from the UK , but many other countries are represented , particularly the United States and Australia . Le Rosey is currently in the planning stages of building a CHF 45 million ( estimated $ 50 million USD ) Carnal Hall , Arts and Performance Centre for Le Rosey and the La Côte region currently scheduled for completion in 2014 .

The school is also known as Rosey , is a private school with boarding facilities located at international level Rolle in Switzerland . Emile Carnal establish this school in 1880. Institut Le Rosey known as the ” School of Kings ” ( School of Kings ) have already counted seven famous kings are alumni of this school . The school has two campuses in Bern in which all schools operate for the first three months of the year during the winter . The school has one teacher for every five students . The number of applicants is limited to approximately 400 students only. The cost of these schools require students to pay tuition of $ 99.566 per year or nearly USD . 100.000.000 , – every year . As for the annual fee if used as a boarding school and one for U.S. $ 124,165 .



2 . College Alpin International Beau Soleil , Villars – sur – Ollon

college alpin international

college alpin international

School College Alpin International Beau Soleil , Villars – sur – Ollon founded in 1910 in Gstaad chalet before moving to its current location a decade later , or in the country of Switzerland. Total enrollment in this school only accepts 200 students , with an average class size to four students only. About 50 countries that represent this school as a school with an ethnically diverse . No one has more than 10 percent of all students . The school serves the children of European royalty and other famous people , school fees reached $ 93.158 annually .


3 . Middlesex School

most expensive boarding schools

most expensive boarding schools

Middlesex School is a school located in Concord , Massachusetts , USA , was founded in 1901 . The school accepts 375 students from grade 9 to grade 12 . With an annual fee and boarding school of U.S. $ 62,784 , and the annual fee for regular students of U.S. $ 50,210 , Middlesex offers 29 types of sport that can be followed by the students . This school has 40 international students from 18 countries . Middlesex School has about 80 faculty members . Middlesex School is committed to providing challenging opportunities to meet the unique developmental needs , with culturally diverse students . The potential of every child in the school will be maximized through a variety of learning strategies in a safe and orderly environment that will enable them to succeed in a global society .

Middlesex School also offers several community service programs . Students can help clean up a soup kitchen in the Open Table is held weekly , serve food and clean in the kitchen at the Cor Unum meal held on the long weekend , talking with people in homes for the elderly at home Walden held weekly , then visit the old on Sunday visits conducted on a special schedule , and help young children learn to skate at the Gazebo . Each fall , all students participate in Community Service Day instead of going to class . Some student Community Service Officers , all seniors , to help manage the program .


4 . Lawrence Academy

most expensive boarding schools

most expensive boarding schools

Lawrence Academy is a school located in Groton , Massachusetts , United States , was established in 1793 . Lawrence has 400 students in grades 9 through 12 . With the expensive cost , this campus offers a learning experience that is not unusual among others boarded the train dogs in Minnesota and studying bats in Australian rain forest . Lawrence Academy , an independent school grades 9-12 , welcomes students and faculty from all backgrounds , values diversity and is committed to providing a dynamic , safe , and respectful learning environment for all .

Lawrence Academy admits students of any race , color, religion , sex , sexual orientation , and national origin or ethnic origin to all the rights , privileges , programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at school . He does not discriminate on the basis of race, color , religion , sex , sexual orientation or national or ethnic origin in the administration of educational policies , admissions policies , financial aid programs , or athletic programs and other school administered . The annual cost of U.S. boarding schools and $ 65,685 , while the annual fee for regular students of U.S. $ 50,544 .


5 . St . Albans School

most expensive boarding schools

most expensive boarding schools

St . Albans School is named after the first British martyr , the Episcopal school located in Washington DC and serves students level 4 to level 12 . Harriet Lane Johnston founded the school in 1909 . The school has about 575 students were served by 100 faculty members , of which 73 of them have advanced degrees . This school is a feeder school which includes the National Cathedral School and Beauvoir School , both of which are also located in the Washington National Cathedral . School fees range from $ 54.151 annually .


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