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The Most Expensive Printer in The World



By : Ririn Sholiha


Printer is one of hardware that many people now needed to accomplish the task school or office. Printer prices assortment is ranging from a high price with fully-equipped features and has a good quality ink, and there is a cheap instead of an expensive price, all printer brands such as HP, Epson, and Canon, all of it have different advantages and disadvantages. Some people tend to buy a printer to fit with their needs, but there is also one of the producers who deliberately make the printer that’s lightly coat with gold. Here is a list of the most expensive printer in the world :

HP1160 Laser Printer

HP1160 Laser Printer is a printer that is 24 carat gold plated, this printer is one of the luxury version of the printer’s office at the exhibition of TIGITEX in 2006, there are no special features such as bells or whistles, but rather only coated with gold and some silver. The Price is $ 20,000, if converted to rupiah is Rp. 200 million, this printer is one of the world’s most expensive printers.

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