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The Most Expensive Pencil in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Pencil is unique and comfortable stationery, this tool aims to make writing in the book, papers, etc. Everyone should have this thing, ranging from students, college students, employees to the housewife-also own it, these shapes also vary, adjusted to the market object, i.e. the object are students in kindergarten, surely its shape is very funny, such as dolls, cars and many more. The price was also varying which ranging from 500 dollars up to $ 12,800. Here we will provide information on the most expensive pencil in the world :


Perfect Pencil-Faber-Castell Indonesia PT International



Graf von Faber-Castell Pencil exhibited the most expensive pencil in the world. It is named ‘Perfect Pencil’, the pencil is made of mixed White Gold Palladium, one of Iron Platinum, the lid is made of solid white gold and three diamond of best qualities with symbols mark of the third millennium Ages sized 0.06 carat. The Diamond is measuring about 0.05 to 0.06 carats with exceptional clarity levels, making this pencil as the Most Exclusive, and is sold in limite editions which made only 99 pieces in the world in 2001, but mostly are sold out. The Price is USD 12, 800.

These Pencils are not only expensive, but its age was old, it can be said for centuries, as its made in 1761 and contained from two pieces of lime wood which are glued with a pure graphite in the middle.

This oldest pencil is a remarkable object that was first discovered in a renovated house in the 17th century, by a carpenter that accidentally left it, but it found in three centuries later, said President Director of PT Faber-Castell Indonesia International, named Yandrawamim Halim . The use of this pencil is using a tweezers, and it is a rare commodity,because it only produced 50 pieces as a Christmas gift for Faber-Castell consumer products.


graphite pencils

graphite pencils


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