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The Most Expensive Muslim Clothing in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Muslim fashion is a fashion that comply with Islamic beliefs, and users of the dress reflecting an abiding Muslim religious teachings in the above Ordinances dress Muslim clothing is not merely a symbol, but by wearing it, it means that a woman has been proclaimed to the creatures of God’s beliefs, his view of the world, and a way of life that he took, where all of it is based on a deep conviction in God Almighty and Powerful.

Muslim fashion is now growing, in the market we must have encounter a very attractive Muslim fashion models, the quality of materials and the price is differ, all of it has a distinctive characteristics, ranging from fabrics, models, and much more. The price determines the quality of the clothing, the more expensive the better quality and model of the Muslim fashion, mean while the cheaper price, for sure the quality is not as good as the expensive.
The latest fashions that many issued by various manufacturers now offer a variety of shades, colors and a very interesting model. Development of model muslim fashion is growing rapidly with the high interest and demand for clothing. Nowadays, the Muslim women often wear Muslim clothing in a variety of events and occasions. So the presence of Moslem Fashion Gallery is also highly-awaited. The designers also don’t want to miss to issue a varied collection of muslim fashion design results, which of course is also highly preferred by Muslim women who want to look stylish.

However, there are still limitations, and rules that must be observed when choosing the latest fashions for the needs of the everyday activities, as well as attending a particular event. For those of you confused choosing muslim fashion, in the following we will give tips on how to choose a muslim fashion :

1. In accordance with Islamic rules
Latest fashions come in a variety of models, and tend to bring up new models at any time. However, you should notice is that the muslim fashion is in accordance with religious rules and functions as a cover of the nakedness. Avoid choosing the latest fashions with a model that is too strict, transparent material, or even with a plethora of accessories.


2. In accordance with the conditions
The concept of the event which will be attended by wearing the latest fashions that will be purchased. Whether formal, semi formal, or casual. So you are not one costumes while attending an event put on a particular concept.


3. In accordance with the activities
When you buy new Muslim clothing for everyday use, then look at the activities that you are doing. If your activities of daily demands for a more active and dynamic, then it would be better if you choose a model Muslim fashion with superiors and subordinates are separate. Select also subordinate form of trousers so as not to disturb you during activity.


When you are going to buy the latest fashions for the purposes of everyday, then consider activities that often you do. If your daily activities demands for more active and dynamic moves, then it would be better if you select fashions with superiors and subordinates model separate. Select also trousers so as not to disturb you while moving.


4. Model of Hijab
Hijab also can not be separated from a recent Muslim Fashion, because it is a complementary stuff in Muslim dress. Choose a model that rhythm and matching on a headscarf. One Rhythm is meaning in accordance with the concept of Muslim dress worn. While matching is a pattern, motif or color that suits with the latest Muslim fashion you wear.
With multiple ways to choose the latest Muslim fashion above can serve as a guide when you want to buy good Muslim clothes for everyday purposes as well as to attend an event.

That was some Tips for Choosing Muslim Women Clothing. Hope it can help you in choosing the proper Muslim fashion. Then I will give information on Moslem Fashion that in the list of the most expensive Moslem Clothing in the world :


Muslim Clothing Abaya
Debbie is now making news again with the release of fashion Abaya clothing decorated with 2,000 gemstones. Among the thousands of stones, there are rare and most expensive diamonds in the world, that is the red diamond placed in the center of the shirt. The average diamond found only once in 50 years. The Diamond itself is worth £ 4.89 million, or approximately USD 72 billion.

In addition to the Red diamonds, Abaya was also decorated two-Carat white diamond in 50 pieces , 50 Black diamonds of two carats, and in 1899 the diamond embedded among the platinum. With the presence of all the precious stones it is not surprising if the dress is sold for £ 11.7 million or about $ 172 billion.

The most expensive fashions of this world will be exhibited at the upcoming March 20 at the Raffles Hotel, Dubai. Debbie will provide special consultation on a few clients who are interested in the fashion of it.
Debbie accidentally released his work in Dubai, as the city that inspired her to design a bejeweled Abaya. The Abbaya was designed as a form of appreciation on the culture of Dubai.The women there are quite often wears Abaya as their daily clothes.

Debbie works began to be known after her dress worn in the United Kingdom, the BAFTA film awards in 2005. A fashion columnist mentioned her dress as the best outfit at BAFTA. Now the black-haired woman already had the famous clients ranging from Kate Winslet, Hillary Swank, and Katherine Jenkins to Dita Von Teese.


muslim clothing

muslim clothing


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