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The Most Expensive Mountain Bike in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

A bicycle is a two or three wheeled vehicles, have the handlebars, seat, and a pair of paddle-driven legs to run. Now transportation is already known by many people, it is no wonder that we often find him.

Assortment of bike brands, shapes and functions, all in accordance with different standards, the article this time we will give you information on the world’s most expensive mountain bikes, but before that it’s good we know the history of the creation of the bikes in this country, the following information:

Bicycle origin supposedly from the French State. According to the news, the country’s history since the beginning of the 18th century two-wheeled transportation know named velocipede. Over the years, velocipede became the only term that refers to the results of two-wheel vehicle architecture.

To be sure, the construction was not yet familiar with iron. His model was still very primitive. The way to move it is two people turning the crank on the right and left side, the bike has a manual speed approaching a 109 km/h. After that, tatocipede will move the crank spin speed according to the following order: left, right, spinning, top, bottom, front, back, Northwest.

Later by a man who came from Germany named Baron von Drais Karls Sauerbronn notable as one of the velocipede complement. In the Year 1818, von Sauerbronn makes two-wheeled transportation to support the work efficiency. As the chief forester Baden, he does need high mobility transportation. However, the model seems still ambiguous, between bicycles and horse-drawn carriage. So that people dub the Baron’s creation as the dandy horse.

In 1839, the Kirkpatrick MacMillan, a blacksmith who was called-in is born in Scotland, was making the special pedals for bicycles. Certainly not a machine like that owned a motorcycle, but more like a plunger activated, pass and ascending movement crank legs pedaling a pedal. MacMillan also dare to connect the crank with a stick last Steering (handlebars simple).

Furthermore by Ernest Michaux in 1855 which comes from the French State, making ballast crank, to rate the bike more and more perfect stable after other French people, like Pierre Lallement in 1865, strengthens the wheel by adding iron circle around her (now known as wheel rims or RIMS). Lallement also introduced a bike with front wheel bigger than the rear wheels.

However, the most significant progress occurs when the perforated steel-making technology was discovered, following the increasingly good iron connecting technique, as well as the invention of rubber as a raw material for tires. However, the factor of safety and comfort remains unsolved. Because technology suspension (per etc.) has not been found, the public bicycle Lallement dub as the boneshaker.

So it is not surprising if in the 1880s, the bicycle of three wheels that are considered safer for women and men that his legs are too short for a conventional bicycle pedaling became so popular. The Two-wheeled bike Trend is getting back after the establishment of the first bicycle factory in Coventry, England in 1885. James Starley established factories further found momentum after 1888 John Dunlop invented the tire technology of the wind. The pace of bike was no longer shaking.

Other inventions, such as brakes, gear ratios that could fit snugly, chains, handlebars which can be driven, and much more, certainly more add to the appeal of the bike. Since then, millions of people started making bikes as means of transportation, with America and Europe as pioneer Although it is slowly, his role begins to cut off cars and motorcycles, the bike still had observers. Even his fans are known to be very fanatic.

That was the beginning history of motorcycle creation; further information will be given on a mountain bike in the list of world’s most expensive mountain bike :

1. Scott Foil Premium

most expensive mountain bike

most expensive mountain bike

Scott Foil Premium bike is categorized as casual street bikes and also bikes for racing, as well as the weight and aerodynamics, so it attracts a lot of professional athletes. This bike is made of carbon fiber frame Aero HMX, carbon Zipp 404 wheels and Shimano Dura Ace Di2. Therefore the prices reached $ 14.828.






2. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Ultimate

most expensive mountain bike in the world

most expensive mountain bike in the world

Bikes Cannondale SuperSix EVO Ultimate is one of the most expensive bikes in the world, in addition to its beautiful looks and shape which seemingly able to walk very fast, its heavy frame is 695 Grams, while the price of these bikes is for $ 13.735.






3. Aurumania’s Gold Bike Crystal edition

most expensive mountain bike

most expensive mountain bike

Aurumania bike’s Gold Bike Crystal edition is one of the most expensive bikes in the world. Almost all of 24-carat gold plated parts to get to the spokes. Handlebar grip and high quality leather saddle, in addition, it is also decorated with 600 Swarovski crystal grains. The Price is U.S. $ 144,464.





4. Madone 5.9 SL

most expensive mountain bike

most expensive mountain bike

Bike Madone 5.9 SL is decorated with 7 diamonds (hand-made) and 300 white diamonds. It is sold to be donated on the Lance Armstrong Gala FOundation. This bike is built upon a partnership with Trek Bikes, Nike, Alan Friedman Jeweler and artist Lenny Futura. These bikes were sold at a price of 75,000 USD.





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