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The Most Expensive Jewelry in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Jewelry is one of the objects to support the appearance especially for women, many kinds of jewelry with the kind of shape – and the sparkle of gems and gold, make jewelry look more nice and shiny, the price is also quite diverse, there are cheap and there are expensive of course depending on the content of the jewelry. The following is a list of the world’s most expensive jewelry:

1. The Graff Pink Diamond Jewelry

pink diamond

Pink Emerald Gems with 24,78 Carat is owned by Harry Winston for 60 years. However, in November 2010, this pink jewelry was sold to Mr. Graff on the auction Sotheby ‘s. Laurence Graff is a jewelry dealer in London. He won the auction and brought home this gem for Rp. 417,1 billion.









2. The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond


Jewel of the Wittelsbach-Graff is a 35.56 carat blue diamond mined in India. Historically, this gem has selected by King Philip IV as the dowry of his daughter’s dowry, Infanta Margarita Teresa. Her suitor, Leopold I, who later became Holy Roman Emperor, gave the jewel to the heirs after Margarita died in 1673. In the year 1722, when the daughter of the Duke of Austria married the Crown Prince of Bavaria , this jewel known as Der Blaue Wittelsbacher or The Blue Wittelsbach. This jewel became the world’s most expensive gem after Laurence Graff bought it for Rp 212.2 billion.




3. White Diamond by Sotheby’s


Jewelry White Diamond by Sotheby’s costing $ 23 million, if the conversion to the rupiah costing 230 billion rupiahs.








4. Burma Ruby Necklace

ruby necklace

This Burmese Ruby heart-shaped necklace is worth $ 14 million, if the conversion to rupiah for Rp 140 billion.







5. Pink Diamond Ring

pink diamond

Pink Diamond Ring is a pink diamond ring, worth approximately $ 10.8 million. Christie’s auction company successfully auctioning a ring containing 5 carat pink diamond which is rare for USS $ 10.8 Million. This diamond ring has a unique design, decorated with white diamonds on the left and right.






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