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The Most Expensive Hotels in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

This is the most expensive hotels in the world, with rates that widely ranging from hundreds of millions to billions to stay overnight, for enjoying all the luxuries, of course, required no small cost, a number of people enjoying their holidays to go to the place – a unique place, partly i’d rather enjoy the beautiful beaches and some people choose to relax in luxury place while enjoying a variety of premium-quality facilities. Here is a list of the most expensive hotels in the world :
1. President Wilson Hotel, Royal Penthouse Suite

the most expensive hotel

Hotel Wilson Hotel, Royal Penthouse Suite is one of the most expensive hotels in the world; it was located in Geneva, Switzerland. The extent of 512 square meters. Price per night is Rp. 560 000 000, -. The Suites are located on the top floor of the Four Seasons, has 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms with marble floors patterned mosaic, a cocktail lounge and living room equipped with billiard table, library and fountain. This contemporary-style suite also features a dining room with a capacity of 26 people. Overall, the suite can accommodate up to 40 people. The Imperial Suite, including suites with the best level of security in the world, making it as a favorite vacation as well as the choice of the celebrity world and high class officials.





2. Palms Hotel, Hugh Hefner Suite
Palms Hotel, the Hugh Hefner suite location in Las Vegas, Nevada. The hotel’s 836 spacious square, the rates over night is $ 40,000, if converted into rupiah at Rp. 380 000 000, -.The hotel has suites feature with two huge floors is enough to accommodate 250 guests. In addition to a 2.5 meter diameter mattress to be rotated with the sky- glass ceiling, there is also an outdoor Jacuzzi playboy swimming pool with glass walls that can be seen directly , The Strip, poker table, media room, terrace, private glass-walled lifts, pop-up plasma TV and a private gym with indoor spa and sauna room.


3. Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel, New York

the most expensive hotel in new York

Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel is located in New York.the Price per night is $ 34,000, if the conversion into dollars worth USD 293 million,-. The featureof this hotel that having suite walls with 9 rooms , decorated with pearls, as well as coated knitted fabrics of gold and platinum. This suite has a Zen Room, where you can enjoy the peaceful sound of an artificial waterfall. In the suites, guests can play the piano in the library or soak in the bath tub while enjoying views of Central Park. Here you can also enjoy a full spa treatment and also do exercise in the gym with the help of a personal fitness instructor.


4. Hotel Burj Al Arab

the most expensive hotel

Arabian “Hotel Burj Al Arab” or often called the “Tower of the Arabs is heralded as a seven-star hotel. The luxurious hotel is comparable to the price offered by the hotel for $ 27,000, if the conversion into dollars worth Rp250 million per night.

The hotel stands on an artificial island just 280 meters from Jumeirah beach, and in order to reach the hotel, it has provided a special bridge built exclusively. The hotel was built in the waters of the Gulf Arab, Burj Al Arab Hotel’s architect; Tom Wright designed a lovely room at the bottom of the sea so that visitors can see the beautiful hotel corals and many sea creatures.

At the top is provided a helipad located at an altitude of 211 M. The place is as wide as 24 meters can also be transformed into a place to play golf and tennis. Understandably, it is usually visited by the neighboring kingdom, so the helipad is expected to ease access to their aircraft or helicopters.

As the name implies, the pool is below the water surface so that makes us as if swimming through the offshore. The standard room offered was actually form a suite that extent no responsibility namely 170 m2, is much more spacious than another five-star hotel in Dubai that the average ranges between 40-50 m2. All rooms at this super hotel consist of two floors. The ground floor contains a living room, dining room, and a work space, while the upper floor contains bedrooms and a bathroom. Royal Suite which is the most expensive type of room here even equipped with a private library, cinema, and private elevator that reach up to 780 m2.


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