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The Most Expensive Furniture in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Furniture is one of the secondary needs that are indeed required everyone to equip their home, good quality furniture that would increasingly feel comfortable when used, some people are willing to spend a lot to decorate their homes with quality furniture is expensive for the comfort of being at home with family. The following is a list of some of the most expensive furniture in the world :

1. Bed Room

bedroom furniture

These beds are handmade from 107 kg solid 24-karat gold and also a small decoration application features that resemble the leaves of gold. According to its designer, this luxury bedding is the curvature of the highest quality wood. Material silk fabric made from Italy’s best, and the head of the bed can be paired with diamonds or other precious stones.
This is a bed-maker, Stuart Hughes, he is a designer from United Kingdom, he teamed up with Hebanon Fratelli Basile Interiors of Nocera Superiore to create the most exclusive beds in the world, the masterpiece of Baldacchino worth at price of U.S. $6.3 million. This masterpiece steal the attention of the Crown of the world’s most expensive bed and beyond bedding Parnian Furniture valued at $ 210,000.


2. Badminton Cabinet (U.S. $ 36.7 billion juta/Rp330)

most expensive furniture

This Expensive furniture was first owned by Henry Somerset, the third descendant of Beaufort. The story begins when he was 19-year-old, he did a tour of Europe in the year 1726. He then stayed a week in Florence and ordered the manufacture of cabinet in the workshop Medici. Amazing facts is that when making its cabinet, it only takes about six years to involve 30 furniture experts. This cabinet was sold in an auction in London for Rp330 billion and recorded the most expensive in history. This is the world’s most expensive cabinets.









3. Dragons Chair ($ 27.8 juta/Rp250, 2 billion)

most expensive furniture

This Chair is one of the work of an Irish designer Eileen Gray. Eileen Gray created the Chair between 1917 and 1919. It’s called Dragon’s Chair. This is because the selling price surged 21.9 millionpounds or US $ 27.8 million from the initial price estimation of 2-3 million pounds sterling. This is the world’s most expensive seats.









4. Tufft rococo table ($ 4.6 juta/Rp41, 4 billion)

most expensive furniture

Rococo style table was sold at Christie’s auction house in Philadelphia with a stunning price of U.S. $ 4.6 million. The table was made of oak with a base designed by Carlo Mollino in 1949’s. At first, it is expected to sell at price of U.S. $ 3.8 million, but turned out to be higher in the auction sale. This is the world’s most expensive tables






5. Ruijssenaars magnetic floating bed (U.S. $ 1.6 juta/Rp14, 4 billion)

best furniture

This extraordinary bed which allows to have slept like a floating, with a height of about 40 cm from the floor. However, this bed can hold a load of up to 900 kg. This is the world’s most expensive bed.











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