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The Most Expensive Football Player in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Football is one sport that is quite enjoy doing and become one of your favorite sport in the whole world, I wonder if football matches are often in Padati by many spectators. Many soccer players are very good at playing the ball, so it can be scored easily, must be diligent practice to achieve all that.

Some football players are quite famous, because intelligence to play ball, and often include goals in a game, like David Becham, messi, and many other football players, the smart play ball and often include goals, then his salary is also very expensive, the most expensive soccer player salary in the world from $ 21 million to $ 46 million, not a lot of salary.

How soccer players training method is not quasi-equal. The following will be given, one method of training soccer players in the list of most expensive footballer in the world, for those of you who work as a football player, the practice is quite nice 🙂

Well now we will provide the training methods footballer Lionel Messi :

Lionel Messi always spend as much time with the ball mugkin, in practice messi always practice, to dribble in and around cones, around imaginary players, around the furniture in the home, or in a pickup game, every chance Messi always found time for exercise and playing football, the most important is also to love the game ball.

One quote about the answer Messi, who was asked once in a Guardian story, the question is how he can play the ball so well, Messi said :

‘First of all you have to love the game. “How much? ‘Well….from the age of three years I played every day: every morning, afternoon and evening’. Inside the house, sometimes I break things :).

For a player like Messi, you do have to dribble with every footstep when you are walking, jogging, or running with the ball. This way you develop close control and can cut the ball away from the opponent. Messi always has the ball close to him and have a number of teeth he can move, at the start of the exercise jogging along for charging at defenders, he teased them at first with arrows moving slowly and then surrounding them with a change of pace. A change of pace as he went by a defender. First it was slow, slow, slow and then he passed them at speed. And he’ll cut the ball in both directions, inward or outward. it is one of the characteristic style of play messi.


Here are some points on how to play like Messi :

1. Spend some time with the ball every day and out of cones or Player Artificial rear
2. Touch the ball with each step when you dribble the ball mendribling
3. Go slow to players behind enemy to draw them and then pass them with speed
4. Playing one and two touch, do not force the dribble
5. Shield the ball with your body and protect it
6. Do not give up on playing
7. Setting up the player by varying your play so that they do not know what you are going to do, play an occasional touch, and dribble as your one-on-one or in a third attack

Messi may not be that big or tall, but that’s why he has the nickname flea atom, he’s small but powerful. He uses his body to protect the ball and will not be pushed off the ball. He has a low center of gravity and will compete with the best of defenders to keep the ball.

That was a little tips training methods that have made one of the most expensive soccer player in the world, then we will also explain what sich foods should be on a meal for a football player, so that the body remains healthy. Here is the information :

1. Steak DEER MEAT: Improve Recovery and Energy
2. FISH Mackerel : Burn Fat and Stabilize Mood
3. Broccoli : Vitamins Improve Eyesight
4. SPINACH : Improving Endurance
5. ROOT BEET JUICE : Boost Energy
6. CURRY SPICES : Relieves Swelling
7. GREEN TEA : Improving Focus

Such was the information of foods should be eaten for soccer players, now we will give information list of the most expensive soccer player in the world, of course, are paid quite expensive. Here is a list of players :

1. David Beckham
David Beckham is one of the world’s most expensive football player, he was one of the players club Los Angeles Galaxy (L. A), david beckham game ever to win the first MLS Cup in November 2011. David Beckham in addition to being a football player with the highest income, he was also an athlete who got the highest incomes. Income footballer’s salary of $ 46 million, if the conversion to dollars of Rp. 414 000 000 000, -.

cristian ronaldo video

cristian ronaldo video


2. Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most expensive soccer player in the world, other than that he was one of the football players are quite active in the online world, due to his popularity he earned as much as $ 21 million profit. Real Madrid attacker scored 40 goals in La Liga, in the off season and the Mac this year, he was the player who scored 100 goals in La Liga. Salary income that he has a $ 42 million, when converted to dollars amounting to Rp. 378 000 000 000, -.

real madrid jersey

real madrid jersey


3. Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi is one of the world’s best players who reigned for three consecutive years, and many made new records this year, he was one of the players club Barcelona. On a Mac this year, he became the first player to score 5 goals in the Champions League, and followed resolve records during Barca. It also includes major players in Adidas, Pepsi, EA Sports. Income salaries and bonuses that he had a $ 39 million, if the conversion to dollars of Rp. 351 000 000 000, -.

barcelona foot ball

barcelona foot ball


4. Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney is one of the most expensive soccer player in the world, he was one of the players club Manchester United. Wayne Rooney football player most in demand in the premier League last season, and includes the best football players in the Nike and EA Sports are still promoting him, the new 5-year contract to play was signed in October of 2010, with the contract he earning some $ 24 million, if the conversion to dollars of Rp. 216 000 000 000, -.

man u jersey

man u jersey


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