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The Most Expensive Flash Disk in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Equipment of computer accessories nowadays is plenty, the price is also different ranging from cheap to expensive, one of the tool is flash disk that used for data storage, which is practical and can be brought everywhere, the price and the brand is also diverse ranging from cheap price Rp.30.000 with 4 GB capacities, up to hundreds of millions of high price, because the flash disk has a capacity of up to 1 TB (terabyte), the outer layer is also not the same, some of them are made of diamonds and other are from jewelry stones. Here is a list of the world’s most expensive flash disk :

1. MUSHROOM Shaped Flash Disk (flash disk speed)

flash disk speed

This mushroom-shaped flash disk is sold very expensive because it has a layer that made of diamonds and other jewelry stones, and has a capacity of 1 TB (terabyte). In fact, this flash is crowned as the world’s most expensive flash. This flash released by luxury Swiss jewelry manufacturer, La Maison Shawish, the name is Magic Mushroom USB. Although it has only a capacity of 32 GB, this unique flash sold based on the color with the highest priced of $ 37.000, if converted into rupiah is at Rp 339 million.

It is available in three different colors with different prices, ie, pink, red, and green. Pink version is decorated with pink sapphires and white diamonds that worth U$16,500 if converted into rupiah is at Rp 151.4 million, while the red version with ornate rubies and white diamonds is worth at U$24.000 if converted into rupiah is worth Rp.220 million. Moreover, the green version of the most expensive precious jade decorated is worth for U$ 37.000.





2. Triangle Shaped Flash Disk and Save (usb mass storage device)

usb mass storage device

European countries are the biggest countries of gadget makers in the World. One of the most expensive gadget makers is from Russia, namely GRESCO. Where previously had successfully made the extra features on the phone. After the success with GRESCO gadgets previously, now GRESCO re-create an expensive gadget. The technology that made is the flash disk. It is available in two types of models. There are model of triangle (Labyrinth) and star (Constellation). Both will have 192 GB of storage, each of which has a speed of USB 2.0.

In the triangle flash disk, its casing is made from wood choices in Africa that have been kept for over 200 years. This will make the flash disk has a historical impression. While on the flash disk there are three USB containing each 64 GB to 192 GB of total storage. Its casing is made of wood in a decorative design with diamonds and 18K white gold. Flash disk Labyrinth and Constellation models exclusively available only in 99 units. The Flashdisk is sold at a price of 5000 Euro if converted into Rupiah is for Rp.60.882.800.



3. CABE Shaped Flash Disk (storage devices)

storage devices









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