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The Most Expensive Fish in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Fish are cold-blooded poikilotermik vertebrate members, who live in water and breathe with gills. Fish are vertebrate group with the most diverse species number more than 27,000 worldwide. Taxonomically , fish are a paraphyletic group whose relationships are much debated , usually divided into fish jawless fish ( class Agnatha , 75 species including lampreys and hagfish) , cartilaginous fish ( class Chondrichthyes , 800 species including sharks and rays ) , and the rest classified as hard bony fish ( class Osteichthyes ) .

Fish come in different sizes, ranging from whale sharks measuring 14 meters (45 ft) to stout infantfish size is only 7 mm (approximately 1/4 inch). There are some aquatic animals that are often regarded as the “fish”, such as whales, fish and squid mermaid, which is not classified as a fish.

Until now, the fish are generally consumed immediately. Processing effort has not much to do except anchovies. Fish can be processed into various products such as dried fish , fish fillet , shredded fish , fish crackers , salted fish , fish balls and fish blood meal as fertilizer and fish feed , and many more benefits. In addition , there are several kinds of fish that the price is expensive , of course, interested in a lot of people , and has special advantages , such as : it tastes good even cooked anything , the level of difficulty looking , great and small fish , shapes and colors are unique , special gifts were also influence the about the price . The following information will be given fish into the most expensive fish in the world :

1 . Tuna fish

A bluefin tuna in Japan sold for 115 million yen, or about USD 17 billion. This figure means three times the price of the sale last year. Tuna auction to the highest Bid traditionally done this is often taken to mark the celebration of the New Year at the Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo, Saturday, January 5, 2013. Winners of the tuna auction is Kiyoshi Kimura, who dare to pay the highest price in the past year, this time consider the offer price is quite high.


Bluefin tuna caught in the waters east of Japan at this time and is a record breaker. Weight on catching tuna is about 222 pounds, 47 pounds lighter than last year’s most expensive tuna fish. Early in 2012, the same fish was sold at a price of 56 million yen, or about USD 6.2 billion.

This price does not reflect the quality or size. It’s more related to the publicity and business settings. Moreover, this market became the center of trade millions of dollars every day.

Blue fin tuna is an idol. Colored flesh and soft pink is very nice for sushi and sashimi. Best slices of fatty blue fin, called “o’toro ” sold for 2,000 yen, or about Rp 221 thousand per piece at Tokyo sushi bars.

Kimura, owner of sushi restaurant chain “Sushi – Zanmai” in Tokyo directly bring most expensive bluefin tuna sushi shop it to the branch closest hers.

Blue fin tuna prices currently on the market about 700 thousand yen, or about USD 77 million per kilogram. Japan is the country consuming countries more than half of the blue fin tuna in the whole world, or about 80 percent of this rare fish stocks. Many global catches are sent to Japan for consumption.

tuna fishing

tuna fishing


2 . Super Red Arowana Fish

Indonesia is one of the countries that have the types of Arwana fish that have high economic value. One of them is super red arwana fish are abundant in the waters of the island of Borneo are found especially in West Kalimantan. Super red arwana fish have several types including blood red arwana fish (blood red fish), red arwana fish chili (chili red fish), red arwana fish orange (orange red fish) and purple red arwana fish . In general, super red arwana fish has a red color on the tail, fins, and paddles also tentacle even when he was little. The red color on the body appears when the arwana around 3-4 years old.

Indeed, arwana fish from Indonesia into the ranks of the world’s most expensive fish. For example in the exhibition Indonesia Pets Aquatic Plants Expo (IPPAE) at WTC Mangga Two years ago, albino super red arowana fish is sold for Rp 1 billion / tail.

arowana fish

arowana fish


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