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The Most Expensive Computer Desk in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Computer table is a table that is used to put the computers, with the goal to be able to work more comfortably in front of your computer. In addition, it is used for styling and straightening the computer devices, such as printers, scanners, speakers, stabilizer, to keep supporting jobs such as books, stationery, as well as protect computer devices from the reach of children, of course using computer desks can also make the interior so nice and neat.

From the beneficial explanation of the computer desk function, then it is not surprising if people start buying it, ranging from a low price to expensive, the price gap would determine the quality of this table. We will provide the following information about a computer desk that is in the list of the world’s most expensive computer desk :


Computer workstation desk Emperor

computer workstation desk

computer workstation desk

Study table, work desk or computer desk is an absolute necessity to do activities as students or office workers. With increasingly sophisticated technological findings, it is found future work station that is sophisticated, futuristic and very amazing. Among them was the Emperor Workstation series. Novel Quest has released a version of the 200 ‘ Workstation ‘ line. The Workstations are very expensive as there are chairs with speakers, lighting, monitors and desk combination that resemble something found in Battlestar Galactica.

This computer desk of frames is made of iron, there is a LED light that illuminates, footrests, and comfortable seats. It can be connected to a PC or MAC video, audio, keyboard input, mouse position on the back seat, and be linked to three monitors, meanwhile for its speaker is mounted on a Chair as for the mouse and keyboard can be arranged at your fingertips.

This computer desk chair comes from a brand of RECARO, i.e. well-known brands, such as seats that used to race cars, and there is an air filter system, which says can reduce bacteria up to 99,7. Therefore if we use this computer desk we can feel comfortable. The price of this computer desk is US 35,000


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