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The Most Expensive Comedian in Indonesia

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Comedians or comedians are people who entertain the audience , especially in making the audience laugh , droll manner , is an attempt to make others laugh , or just to make others happy . The trick vary, depending on the comedian and usually adapted to the conditions that will be made to laugh . The most common way is with utter joke , the subject of jokes other people , or yourself. Another way is to conduct a made- up to look cute and ridiculed in front of others .

In Indonesia, the most famous form of comedy is comedy group , which is comprised of a comedian and stage a story . Each portray a character and humor that happens comes from the interaction between these characters . Some examples of buffoonery like this group is Srimulat , Warkop DKI , Patrio , etc. .

In the United States the more famous is the sole or standup comedy jokes , a comedian standing in front of an audience and say monologue about something . Types of jokes like this is more dependent on the delivery and content of the story . Examples are the sole comedian Chris Rock , Eddie Murphy , Robin Williams , Jim Carrey , Jerry Seinfeld , Jeff Foxworthy , and Eddie Izzard .

In addition, there are several groups of British and American comedy such as Monty Python and the Marx Brothers .

Comedians entertainment is very enjoyable spectacle for the public . Variety of entertainment in Indonesia , from music , movies , opera , and others , but the entertainment is favored by most people , because it makes the people who watch it to laugh , it’s no wonder so many well-known comedians and professionals in Indonesia, of course, the pay is too expensive . The following information will be given in the list of comedians comedian most expensive in Indonesia :

1 . Sule

social networks sites

social networks sites

Entis Sutisna increasingly calling Sule sparkling . He became one of the most expensive comedian with an income of Rp 1 billion per month . In fact , a few years ago when Lina married in 1997 lived in a rented house plots , the father of three children and was the second child of four siblings , just as sellers around the village corn on the cob , fried chicken trader and kebaya .

Career man born Cimahi , 15 November 1976 , it began to shine after successfully winning the race Comedian Auditions TPI ( API ) with the comedy group SOS . Only a year after that , the name Sule begin to be considered .

His name continues to soar to the top ranks of comedians whose income exceeds other top comedians like Komeng . Income of more than USD 1 billion a month , obtained from several television stations , among other things , the results of the show Opera Van Java in Trans7 and Awass There Sule on Global TV .

2 . Olga Syahputra

social networks sites

social networks sites

Yoga Syahputra or better known as Olga Syahputra was born in Jakarta , February 8, 1983 is an actor , comedian , and host Indonesia. Olga often role-shemale . But Olga dismissed if he has deviate sexual orientation

Eldest of seven children of Nur Rachman and Nurhida was originally just a fan who often ask for an autograph and photo with his idol . Luck came when he was offered to play in the movie Lenong boy . Unfortunately Padang Jawa bloody guy is required to participate in the first exercise studio Ananda . Because no money , Olga was forced to sell a refrigerator to pay for courses in studio Ananda . Olga friend , Bertrand Antolin, who then reached out for help with buying a new refrigerator Olga .

During active in Ananda Studio , Olga also often involved in filming despite only minor roles . She also served as an assistant singer Rita Sugiarto . Olga persistence sweet fruit . After a role in the soap opera The Marriage Hanging and Yoyo , Olga became a presenter on SCTV Cravings paired with Jeremy Thomas . She also played on the show and the comedy Do not Kiss I followed Extravanganza ABG . Join the Extravanganza ABG in 2005 , the name Olga began to be known . His name really soar after joining in early 2007 and Indy Barends Ipank nosy at the show on Trans TV .

Starting in 2008 , Olga became a TV presenter Powerful music event RCTI station with two multi – talented artist Luna Maya and Raffi Ahmad . Besides being a presenter , he also starred in the big screen a few , among Scandal Love Pigs Ngepet and Want More. Want More films previously blocked and can not be circulated . But after renamed Forever My love , this film was given permission to be circulated .

Not only widened presenter and film star , Olga began to explore the world of singing . Currently , Olga has released two singles of his songs , namely Destroyed My Heart and Do Not Disturb I’m Else both song creation Charly ST 12 with Nagaswara label .

She also won the award for Presenter Event Variety Show and Favorite Music Favorite Comedian in Panasonic and Panasonic Gobel Awards 2009 Awards 2010 which aired on RCTI , TPI and Global TV .

3 . Komeng

tv comedians

tv comedians

Popular Alfiansyah called Komeng born in Jakarta , August 25, 1970 is an Indonesian comedian . He is best known as host aired on SCTV Spontaneous since 1995 until now . Comedian idol is Benjamin Sueb . The career ever doing that :

• Radio Broadcaster SK Jakarta , 1993-1996
• Broadcaster Bens Radio Jakarta , 1996

Television shows and soap operas
• ” Comedy Drama ” in TVRI , 1990
• ” Stove Diamor ” in TPI . 1991
• ” Opera Diamor ” in TVRI . 1991-1995
• ” Spontaneous ” on SCTV . 1995 – present
• Soap opera ” Subterfuge ” in Indosiar . 1996
• Soap opera ” minds of Horses ” in TPI 1996
• Soap opera ” Malioboro ” in TPI . 1996
• Comedy ” Asep Show ” at TPI . 2000 – 2004
• Soap opera ” Liliput ” . 2001
• Soap opera ” Mermaid ” on SCTV . 2001
• Soap opera ” James Bono ” in TPI . 2001
• 008 SLI
• Kingdom of Suhoor on Trans TV and TV7 . 2006
• It’s time we Sahur on Trans TV . 2007 – present
• Gong show on Trans TV . 2008 – present
• Opera Van Java in Trans7 . 2008 – 2009

4 . Tukul Arwana

tukul arwana

tukul arwana

Riyanto Tukul , or better known as Arwana Tukul born in Perbalan , Purwosari , Semarang , on 16 October 1963, he was a comedian and host Indonesia. Not hammer known as Four Eyes event that brings. In addition to being the perpetrator of entertainment , Tukul also pioneered a business engaged in the field of entertainment , which is named ” Ojo Lali Entertainment ” . love to eat chicken noodle mbok Darmi .

From birth , he was named Riyanto , not Tukul Riyanto as it is known today . Because he was often ill , his name plus the word ” Tukul ” became Tukul Riyanto . Surprisingly , after the name was changed so, he became sick less . He was eventually nicknamed Tukul . At age 5 months , Tukul often ill cared for by neighbors , Kelvin . Parents Tukul , Abdul Wahid and Sutimah ( late) who has four children willingly give Tukul , because Kelvin was eager to make Tukul as an adopted child .

With his natural talent , young Tukul have started stand-up since the sixth grade . Various races buffoonery , ranging from the level of municipality Semarang, Central Java , Jakarta and Greater Jakarta, as well as the national level he tried . His efforts were not in vain . He managed to win a variety of race jokes. After graduating from elementary school , third son of Abdul Wahid and the deceased spouse ‘s Sutimah continue their education Indraprasta Muhammadiyah . However , at the time sitting on the bench Tukul class III , adoptive parents , Kelvin experiencing economic hardship . In fact , the house must be sold as long as it is occupied . The climax , when he was studying in high school Kartini , Jalan Sultan Agung , Semarang , Tukul started it difficult to pay school fees . Hammer began looking for a job to pay for school .

After high school , to meet their needs , in addition to comedy he also worked as a transport driver ( Johar – Stage majoring in Semarang ) . After two years , Tukul changed jobs a LPG truck driver in the Land of Mas , Semarang North for two years , before finally returning to public transport drivers . After changing jobs , Tukul finally decide to Jakarta at the urging of his friend move Joko Dewo and Tony Rastafara circa 1992 . For several years in Jakarta , fate has not changed .

In rented located in Block S numbers in South Jakarta , Tukul many assisted Joko Dewo and Tony Rastafara for daily needs . In economic circumstances that have not been sufficient , Tukul married a girl named Susiana bloody Padang . He was blessed with 2 girls and a boy . Novita woman named Eka Afriana small and Rev. Jovan named Main .

After marriage , Tukul and his family lived in a rented house in North Cipete area . Until finally Tukul job at Radio Humor SK and worked there with another fellow comedians such as Bagito , Patrio , Ulfa Dwiyanti , and others. Previously , Tukul had a private driver to support his family .

Tukul luck getting better when he was invited in production Lenong chat by Ramon Tommybens . The turning point of his career began to rise when a companion Joshua in the video clip ” Water ” icon diobok meddle with her around 1997 .

Arwana Tukul name increasingly soar when it is believed to be the host of the music show ” Ah ” in TPI and the ” dangdut Ria ” in Indosiar . Currently , his name increasingly entrusting a ride when Trans7 talk show host showEmpat Mata ( Not Four Eyes now ) . Tukul also just finished filming her first movie , titled Automatic Romance . In the film , directed this Soehardjanto Guntur , Tukul role as Wulan Guritno husband in a household that is at the end of destruction .
5 . Warkop DKI ( Dono , Kasino , Indro )

warkop dki

warkop dki

Warkop or before Warkop Geronimo , also later known as Trio Capital is a comedy group formed by Nanu ( real name Nanu Mulyono ) , Rudy ( Rudy Badil ) , Dono ( Wahjoe Sardono ) , Casino ( Casino Hadiwibowo ) and Indro ( Indrodjojo Kusumonegoro ) . Nanu , Rudy , Dono and Kasino is a student of the University of Indonesia ( UI ) , Jakarta .

Indro while studying at the University of Pancasila Jakarta . They first achieved success through Casual Chat event at the Coffee Shop which is filmed from Temmy Lesanpura , Head of Programming Radio Geronimo . Jokes the show every Friday night between 20.30 until 21.15 , by radio broadcast regionally-based Geronimo Mendut , Prambanan , Borobudur , Menteng aka Edge .

Warkop advantages compared to other comedy group , is the level of intellectual awareness of its members . Because most students ( who later became a scholar ) , so they are well aware of the need for professional and personal development of their group .
This view of the seriousness of their established staff whose job it is to help those in search of jokes . One staff Warkop then becomes a comedy group , namely Tubagus Dedi Gumelar Miing Bagito alias .

When it Miing admitted that he wanted to be a comedian , and he happened to be accepted into the staff Warkop . Works in addition to collecting materials jokes , perform site surveys ( in the city or nearby areas will Warkop gig ) , if you need to do the job even as iron helper costume Warkop personnel . This is done Miing seriously , because he knew this is where professional learning a comic group . Miing had participated in the cassette and the film warkop warkop , before eventually forming his own comedy group with Didi ( sister ) and Hadi Prabowo alias named Unang Bagito ( aka For Roto ) .

6 . Aziz Stuttering

Aziz Stuttering

Aziz Stuttering

Azis Stuttering is a typical newcomer comedian with his stuttering every talk show . Azis name began to be known when he became the play of comedy shows Opera Van Java Nunung with his friend , Andre Stinky , and Sule .

In addition to the comedy show Aziz also be a host / presenter in several tv shows including Beauty And Aziz , Opera Van Java , Derings . Currently azis an artist who has two wives and was blessed with three children from her marriage with the results of the second wife .



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