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The Most Expensive Clothes in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Clothes are anything at all, the primary object must have it along with the development of model – model clothes wide – ranging from formal and informal clothing looks increasingly good and attract attention of everyone. The designers compete to create a unique and attractive model as following the trend; some people are willing to spend more money to buy dress that looks beautiful at the time of marriage parties and other events. The following is a list of the world’s most expensive clothes :

1. Wedding suits

most expensive dress

Jas Bride is one of the world’s most expensive dress that costs U.S. $ 900,000, if conversed to dollars worth USD 8.1 billion, this dress was designed by two designers named Richard Jewels of Manchester & Stuart Hughes of Liverpool.







2. Wedding Gown

most expensive wedding

This wedding dress is one of the world’s most expensive dresses, it was designed by Martin Katz jewelry designer and the owner of the famous beauty salon in Beverly Hills, Rene Strausse. They create a wedding dress now is known as the Diamond Wedding Gown in 2006. The dress is listed as the world’s most expensive wedding dress due to the value reached Rp 102 billion. The dress is made of a diamond 150-carat that until now unbeaten.







3. Shirt

expensive clothing

This shirt is one of the most expensive suits in the world, produced by Eton Shirts, he is a clothes manufacturer from Sweden who suceessfully broke the record of producing the world’s most expensive shirt that deliberately created in his birthday the 80th in 2008.

The price of this shirt is Rp. 429.75 million, if converted to dollars at $ 45,000. White shirt is made of Egyptian cottonwith a buttonhole sprinkled diamond. This Most expensive dress is on displayed at Eaton boutique in Los Angeles, Milan, and Stockholm. Later,it was auctioned and the results were donated to charity in 2009.

Eton Shirt themselves has been producing since 1928 and claims that his homemade shirt is a shirt that does not wrinkle easily and make the wearer feel comfortable and follow the body of its users, although only a few minutes away.

Eton itself was founded by a married couple tailor namely David and Annie Petterson, who has creative fingers to make the clothes more comfortable to wear for their neighbor in their residence at that time in Ganghester, Sweden.

The Expertise of this couple in the making of clothes is spread out everywhere, so a small stichess businesss who initially they have is growing rapidly. Amazingly Eton remain a manufacturer dress with family ownership until now.


4. Wedding dress

most expensive dress

World’s Most Expensive Wedding Gown Worth USD 13 Billion, which was designed by designer Jad Ghandour, he was a fashion designer from Beirut, Lebanon, creating a wedding dress that can be said to be the most expensive worldwide. That wedding dress is worthed for U.S. $ 1.5 million, if in conversion into rupiah at Rp. 13.6 billion.

The project of making the expensive wedding dress was supported by Danasha Luxury jewelry company. The dress was intentionally created for Miami International Fashion Week which held at 18 – 21 March 2010, in Miami, United States.

That expensive wedding dress is kept in the secret location by two people security guard with maximum security. The dress is recently shown on March 20 among limited invitation. To keep its security, only a sketch dress instead of the original photograph that is presented to the public. The designer said he used a silver cloth with detailed-diamonds and ornaments of pure gold. To decorate the hands of the dress, he used an18-carat diamond.

The purpose of making this dress was not only to put the diamonds and gold togetherr, but also to create an artistic real work,though it’s expensive and consisting high-quality diamond,gold and silver but it’s a pity because we could not see the photo of the original dress, and it can only be seen in the form of sketch.


5. Coat

most expensive clothing

This coat is one of the most expensive suit in the world, it was designed by a designer named Alexander Amosu. It costs 70,000 poudsterling , if in the conversion to dollars worth USD 1.1 billion.The coat material is made from expensive fabrics that exists up to now. In completing its coat, took 80 hours and 5,000 stitches. An average, every stitch worth Rp 221 000. The materials used including vicuna, the thread is taken from a kind of rare animals such as camels that lived in South Africa. It’s only produces wool yarn every 3 years.

Other materials are qiviuk, the world’s most expensive wool which is obtained from dense hairy animals living in Muskox Arctic region. That materials have had combined to create one of the most expensive outfit in the world called Vanquish II, and used 18-carat gold and diamonds.


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