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The Most Expensive Birthday Cake in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

The cake is a snack that is not the main meal. Cakes usually taste sweet or savory and some are salty. The cake is often interpreted as a snack made from flour dough, good rice flour, corn starch, tapioca, or wheat. Traditional pastry commonly found in Indonesian archipelago, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Netherlands through relationships with Indonesian history.

The word “cake” is derived from the uptake of Hokkien Language: 粿 Koe, it shows the influence of the art of Chinese cooking in the archipelago, some cake does indicate its origin from China like cake bakpia. Most of the wet cake is the traditional cake of the archipelago, while some others such as lapis legit cake, risoles, pies and pancakes shows European influence, the Dutch and Portuguese.

At first the term pie is used to refer to traditional cakes and pastries Chinese, but now in Indonesian this term has been expanded into an umbrella term that various types of snacks, including to mention pastries, tarts or sponge cake.

The cake can be cooked by steaming, baking, or frying. While the cake in the State of Indonesia is usually categorized based on their water content, ie cakes and pastries. Now, again we encounter often wet or dry cake, almost every region or country has the characteristic of each, as well as one of them making a birthday cake, because the birthday is a most beautiful moment, consumers are willing to order a birthday cake in accordance with birthday themes, great shape and it tastes good, the price of a birthday cake-also vary, there are cheap and some are expensive course in accordance with the quality of taste. The following information will be given a birthday cake in the list of most expensive birthday cake in the world :

1. Pirate’s Fantasy

princess birthday cakes

princess birthday cakes

This cake is not a birthday cake was a pirate, although its shape is exactly the pirate ship. This cake was made by the hotel chef Aitken Spence hotels and resorts are located in Sri Lanka. Chef named Dimuthu Kumarasinghe commonly called chef D, K is designing and making your own cake, assisted by some of the hotel’s kitchen staff.

Pirate ship-shaped cake is a cake made up of 10 levels, each of which has a different flavor. The flavors used are fruit flavors and exotic spices, including cinnamon, coconut, pumpkin, and pistachio or walnut sort of green. The form of the ship and marine blue color symbolizes the dominance of a stretch of beach in the area a very important value for the hotel and the surrounding fishing villages.

It seems not only beautiful, this cake is also very luxurious. The cake is decorated with various kinds of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. A wide variety of types of sapphire gemstones are also not left behind beautify this cake. This cake is worth the price of 35 million dollars, equivalent to the price of a luxury yacht.

2. Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian Top-30

happy birthday kim kardashian Top

happy birthday kim kardashian Top

Sociality Kim Kardashian has set a record with a birthday cake at his most expensive of his birthday party in 2010 in the birthday party, Kardhasin get a birthday cake gift worth about 2 million dollars. The birthday cake is the result of collaboration Nino Selimaj, namely a chef in New York, he also worked with a jewelry expert to create a cake that is studded with jewels.










3. Chef Marc Guilbert

birthday cake recipe

birthday cake recipe

This birthday cake prices reached 22,000 pounds, equivalent to 350 million Rupiah, at the time it is presented to celebrate the birthday of Carl Weininger its 60th year.

This cake was made by Chef Marc Guilbert, he uses the finest quality Belgian chocolate and mix the other ingredients coupled with peach, orange and whiskey to make a dough base.

Then, the cake is decorated with gold sheets are made to resemble leaves and flowers. Another unique is that, if the birthday cake we often see Cherry fruit on it, then on this cake Cherry fruit is replaced with a diamond, of course at a great price, this cake beat the previous record for the most expensive cake held by New York’s Serendipity Restaurant.






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