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The Most Expensive Bike in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Bikes are the world’s first means of transportation, this come from French, then for several years, eventually developed a means of transportation as much as possible, no wonder that the prices and forms are different, from the high price of gold encrusted, up to the lowest price. Some people are still fond of this transportation, and willing to spend a lot of money to make it as a collection. For those of you who are still fond of the first transport device, it helps us to know the history of the beginning of created the bike. Here is the history about the bike :

As written in Columbia Encyclopedia, the bike ancestors are thought to originate from France. According to newspaper history, the country since the beginning of the 18th century has been known two-wheeled transportation called Velocipede. Over the years, Velocipede is the only term that refers to the results of two-wheel vehicle design.

To be sure, the construction is not familiar with the iron. The model is still very “primitive”. Some say no crank, pedal stick steering (handlebars). There is also a crank and handlebars are familiar, but the construction of the timber.

He was a Germany, named Baron von Drais Karls Sauerbronn who notable as one falsifies Velocipede. In 1818, von Sauerbronn is making the two-wheeled transport to support the work efficiency. As the chief forester Baden, he does need the high mobility transport. However, the model still seems ambiguous, between bicycles and horse carriages. So that people doub the Baron’s creation as a dandy horse. In 1839, Kirkpatrick Macmillan, a blacksmith born in Scotland, made “machine” specifically for the bike. Certainly not a machine like those of motorcycles, but more likely driving a crank that is turned, through the movements down and up the foot pedal. MacMillan had been “brave” was the crank connecting rod steering (handlebars simple).

While noting efforts to improve the encyclopedia Britannica.com, the French inventor Ernest Michaux in 1855, by making ballast crank up the pace bike more stable. The more perfect creation after the Frenchman, Pierre Lallement in 1865 is to strengthen the wheels by adding an iron circle around it (now known as the rim or wheel). Lallement also introduced a bike with the front wheel larger than the rear wheels.

But the most significant advances occurred during steelmaking technologies cavities found, following a good growing iron grafting techniques, as well as the discovery of tire rubber as a raw material. However, the factor of safety and comfort remain unsolved. Because the technology suspension (per and so on) has not been found, wobble and shake frequently make their riders back pain. Half-kidding, dubbed the bike as boneshaker Lallement (bone shakers).

So it does not be surprised if in the era of the 1880’s, three-wheel bikes that are considered safer for women and men whose legs were too short for the conventional pedaling became so popular. The Trend of two-wheel bike again after the establishment of a worldwide first bicycle factory in Coventry, England in 1885. The factory set up was James Starley increasingly found momentum after 1888; John Dunlop discovered tire technology wind. The pace of the bike was no longer shaking.

Other findings, such as the brakes, the gear ratio can be changed; chains, handlebars that can be moved, and many further increase the attractiveness of the bike. Since then, millions of people began to make bicycles as a means of transportation, the U.S. and Europe as a pioneer. Though slowly, his role began to cut off cars and motorcycles, bicycles still have observers. Even the fans are known to be fanatical.

So a little explanation about the creation of bicycle origins, then we will provide information for those who want to buy a bike with good quality, of course the price is too expensive. Here is a list of the most expensive bike in the world :

1. Bikes Arumania

performance bike

Bikes designed Arumania is one of the world’s most expensive bicycles. It Almost has all 24-karat gold-plated parts to get to the spokes. The Handlebar grip and high-quality leather saddle also decorated with 600 Swarovski crystal grains. The bike is priced U.S. $ 102,418.60 per unit, if converted into rupiah is at Rp 914.6 million.








2. Madone 5.9 SL

performance bike

Bikes Madone 5.9 SL is one of the most expensive bikes in the world. Almost all gilded and decorated seven diamonds (hand made) and 300 white diamonds. These bikes are sold to be donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation Gala Foundation. This bike was built in cooperation with Trek Bikes, Nike, Alan Friedman and artist Lenny Futura Jeweler. This bike is finally sold for $ 75,000 USD, if converted into rupiah is at Rp. 675 million.




3. Litespeed Blade – Kit Bike


This bike is not coated with gold or diamonds, but costs for research, development and production of these bikes is reaching £ 25.317. The author claims that this bike can go very fast and the rider will feel a futuristic bike than a conventional bike.






4. Celebrity Gold Bike – Needs security guard

performance bike

This bike is devoted to the celebrity world, especially in Britain. This bike is 24 carat gold plated and customized by the artist (hand-made). Bikes are priced for £ 4,000 and include a unique guard that preserves when the bike is parked.









5. Channel Bike – Limited edition

touring bikes

This bike only produced in 50 pieces. Its nickname “The ultimate two-wheeled novelty”. Some parts of high quality leather are made by a legendary leather craftsman, Brooks Brothers. Because of its rare and antique bike it has a price of $ 28,000 USD, if converted to dollars is for Rp. 252 million.






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