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The Most Expensive Animal in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Animals are one of the creatures living, should we keep our attention and their habitats, many people can kill the animals so their habitat is endangered, but there are also some people who love animals and turned it as a pet and genuinely concerned specifically on how to treat them with great affection. They are also willing to spend on expensive price to buy these animals ranging from tens of millions to billions of dollars. Here is a list of most expensive animals in the world :

1. Green Monkey

animal world

Green Monkey is considered to be the most expensive horse in the world. The starting price is $ 16 million. Green Monkey is the name given to the horse racing 2-year-old was sold at the Calder Race Course by Demi O’Byrne. This horse is a champion horse race twice in the Kentucky Derby horse race, but after that never won a race again, Green Monkey finally officially retired on February 12, 2008.

Horse ownership is on Randy Hartley and Dean De Renzo at first and then sold it at an auction of Fasig-Tipton Calder in 2006. Hartley and De Renzo bought back this horse with the help of businessman John Magnier’s horse.


2. Missy

expensive animals

Missy is a cow, a three-year-old black and white and enters the type of Cow Holsten. Missy is currently holds the record for the most expensive cow ever sold in the market. Won the Grand Champion title for the Fall Show 2009 National Western Show and became one of the cows with the best performances in North America and make it a target for buyers. Missy sold for $ 1.2 million in Ontario, Canada on November 11, 2009.





3. Son of the White Lion (White Lion Cubs)

worlds most expensive animal

Son of the White Lion is one of the most expensive animals. White lion has a recessive gene but had not considered albino. The color of his eyes almost the same as lions in general, and the pigment layer of the skin that do not. These animals are very expensive prices, besides its high demand, treatment, and its rarity, white lions is one of the world’s animal that most difficult to obtain. The Prices of these animals is estimated reaches $ 138,000, or about 1.3 billion yen.




4. Chimpanzee

animal world

Chimpanzees are highly intelligent primates and are closest kinship with humans. It weighs about 52 kg and the male is larger than the female. Their Natural habitat in Central Africa and West Africa. Though it is an endangered species, Chimps are legal in some states. Price is $ 60.000 animals – $ 65,000.









5. Tibetan Mastiff ($ 582,000)

the tibetan mastiff

This is the largest dog breed Tibetan Mastiffs that can stand more than 78 cm and weighs more than 63.5 kg. These dogs have a brown, black, gray or even in some rare cases, they are white. They have no odor and flavor problems common to large dogs in general. In their native habitat, usually being used as a livestock guardian and has been reported to have killed a tiger to protect their flock. The Average price of a Tibetan Mastiff is $ 582,000 and is considered as the most expensive pets in the third world.

The Tibetan Mastiff is also known as a dog “home guards”, reflecting its use as a keeper of cattle, goats, sheep, the tent camp, a village and monasteries and palaces. Keep in mind that most dogs in the UK are generally tied up outside the house as a guard. However, in the village – it is traditionally allowed the dogs to run free at night to keep an eye on foreigners who come to the village.


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