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The Most Expensive Ad in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Ads in Indonesian formal advertisement is promotion of new objects such as tables, services such as the post office, place of business and ideas to be paid by a sponsor. Marketing see klanik as part of an overall promotional strategy. Other components of the campaign include publicity, public relations, sales, and sales promotion.

Ad, ad writing starting from known since ancient Greece. When it is, the ad contains about slaves who escaped from their masters or the implementation of the Gladiator game, at this time in the form of circulars advertising only. Some time later then came the advertising methods that are written by hand and with a larger paper in the UK. The first advertisement printed in England found on Imperial Intelligencer March 1648. Until the 1850s. Meanwhile, magazine ads first appeared in Harper’s magazine in 1864. In European Countries yet fully advertisements published in newspapers. Most are still in the form of pamphlets, leaflets, and brochures.

In today’s modern times, the ad will definitely frequently encountered, on television, brochures, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, internet and many more, the ads are necessary by any entrepreneur in the field, because the ads can increase sales, must be the quality which is good. Therefore, it is no wonder that some companies are willing to pay dearly for the sake of making an ad. Here we will provide information about advertising in the list of world’s most expensive ad :


1. Chanel (USD $ 33 Million)
chanel-the-most-expensive-ad-in-the-worldThe two-minute ad directed by Baz Lurhrmann and featuring actress Nicole Kidman, who plays an artist who was being chased by paparazzi. Almost the same as the movie that made Lurhrmann titled Moulin Rouge, Nicole then goes into a taxi in which existing male passenger who is younger writers. Both of these men end up falling in love.

In an ad that aired first time on this tahun2004, Kidman has reportedly received a fee of USD $ 33 million equivalent to Rp18 billion.



2. Guinness (USD $ 16 Million)
guinness-the-most-expensive-ad-in-the-worldTo commemorate the anniversary of the 80th company, finance Guinness ad creation “Tipping Point” which describes the collaboration of residents in small towns that make up the dominoes that Argentina will drop books, paint boxes, refrigerator, even a pile of cars on a road.

At the end of the ad that was made in 2007, the impact of the equipment arrangement forming a gallon of Guinness.






3. Aviva (USD $ 13.4 million)
aviva-the-most-expensive-ad-in-the-worldAviva is an insurance product from one of the companies in the UK. To promote the change of the name of a previously Norwich Union, the company tahun2008 promoting his new name.

This ad featuring many famous names like Bruce Willis, Dame Edna, Ringo Starr, Elle Macpherson and Alice Cooper. Such as Aviva, the artists involved in this ad has changed its original name as part of their career.





4. Chrysler (USD $ 12 Million)
chrysler-the-most-expensive-ad-in-the-worldFirst aired ads on the Superbowl game on this in 2011, featuring Eminem as commercials. This ad takes place at the Detroit location that is central to the manufacture of cars.
Eminen acting in commercials that were driving the vehicle with the song Lose Yourself backsound and stop at the Fox Theatre. The ad concludes with a tagline, “Imported from Detroit.”





5. Pepsi (USD $ 8.1 million)
pepsi-the-most-expensive-ad-in-the-worldAds that lasted 90 today was first aired on Superbowl tahun2002 in a single event. It displays the Hollywood actress Britney Spears featuring the history of this drink during the last 5 dekad.

Britney Spears performed with costume changes a few times to adjust to the conditions in a given year. In each decade, the advertising tagline Britney always say made in 2002 was the phrase, “For those who think young.”





6. Honda (USD $ 6.2 million)
honda-the-most-expensive-ad-in-the-worldHonda ad is mostly promotion of automotive products , Honda Accord which was introduced in 2003. Interestingly, the ad did not use the help of computer technology. Because that’s what makes this ad be expensive.

To make this ad shooting takes 606 times to ensure perfect ad from start to finish. In manufacturing, the entire visible part of the Honda car is put in a floor and push each other in a row. In the end, the collision part of the car, looks a Honda parked car. At the end of the ad, appear the words “Is not fun when something goes well?”



7. Ferrari or Shell (USD $ 4.5 million)
ferrari-or-shell-the-most-expensive-ad-in-the-worldIn celebration of 60 years, advertising Ferrari or Shell shows a Ferrari racing car was raced in a number of world-famous locations such as the Colosseum and Time Square, New York.

At the end of the ad that was made in 2007, the race cars stopped to refuel at a refueling station belonging to Shell, to then resume the race around the world.




8. Carlton Draught (U.S. $ 1.5 million)
Ads created in 2005, the theme of good and funny at the same time. Nearly thousands of people are involved as actors in the manufacture of air-setting advertising battle between the two groups.

At the end of 1 minute duration of this ad, the message is, “It’s a big and expensive advertising, rather than this big ad better sell beer.”


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