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The Most Delicious Drink in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Drinks generally refers to a liquid that is swallowed . The word is sometimes used in a more narrow sense to refer to alcoholic beverages . In general, humans consume water that is clean , clear , and sterile as the primary beverage for consumption and also good for health . Step sterilize water are generally divided into three namely :

• the ozonation water treatment process using ozone is commonly done by water companies bottled large-scale
• By using ultraviolet light as used by businesses depot refill drinking water
• boil , commonly used in household

In addition to the drinks in question , there is also a wide range of dishes beverages are served either in the formal occasions , rihat or break , or casual event , either at home with family or at meetings . Each tribe has their own special drinks . Drinks are commonly presented as follows:

• milk
• tea
• Coffee
• juice
• chocolate
• grapes ( wine )
• vodka

The food is delicious and tasty would not be complete if not accompanied by drinks . Both the drink water or fresh beverages that also provides its own tastes . But of the various types of beverages , there are a few drinks that tastes good and has its own characteristics , the drinks are on the list of most delicious drink in the world! ! ! The following information will be given :

1 . Ice Cendol

fruity alcoholic drinks

fruity alcoholic drinks

Not subside pride the people of Indonesia will rendang recognized as the most delicious food in the world , is now two icons homeland drinks also in the spotlight . More recently , the site is included as part of CNNGo CNN based in the United States , again giving the most popular news. Es cendol asked as a sequence of rows 19 and 45 of the world’s 50 most delicious drinks . Freshness typical cendol unique chewy texture is considered as a key how special this drink . This drink was a success ‘ beat ‘ of the Japanese fermented milk and red bull , fresh cocktail from Austria .




2 . Water Kona Nigari

Water Kona nigari

kona nigari

For a mini bottle contains 50 ml of water Kona nigari ie half the amount of mineral water glasses , we must pay approximately Rp . 320,000 . White water is derived from the results of filtering sea water in the coastal ocean in Hawaii . They are more expensive because the water contains a lot of minerals and is believed to relieve stress , improving digestion and weight loss .







3 . Guan Yin Tea

tie guan yin

tie guan yin

Tea from China is the world’s most expensive tea . Tieguanyin tea is named after the goddess in Buddhism , namely the goddess goodness , Goddess Guan Yin . The price is very expensive tea because it tastes good and can rarely be obtained . This tea is sold at a price of 24 million dollars per kilo or Rp . 150,000 per cup of Chinese tea .






4 . Kopi Luwak

kopi luwak for sale

kopi luwak for sale

It turns out that the Indonesian state has the most expensive coffee in the world . Kopi Luwak from Sumatra is derived from steeping coffee beans extracted from civet dung residual ferret . It is said that this coffee has a very strong sense of having been passed through the digestive mongoose . Due within one year the total production of only 250 kilograms of civet coffee , Kopi Luwak is sold ranging in price from 2.5 to 13 million dollars per kilo .




5 . Cocktails Diamonds – Are- Forever

delicious mixed drinks

delicious mixed drinks

Overview This drink is just looks like a regular drink , but , as the name implies , there’s only cocktail at the Ritz Carlton Hotel , Tokyo is indeed contain a 1 carat diamond Bulgari in it . So , do not be surprised if the price of a drink is approximately 110 million dollars .








6 . Wray and Nephew White Rum

wray and nephew

wray and nephew

Wray and Nephew White Overproof Rum is rum strongest and most in demand are produced and bottled in 1940 . Unfortunately , now there are four bottles of rum in the world . Because of this rarity , one bottle of rum is then valued approximately 500 million dollars .







7 . Coconut Ice , Indonesia

delicious mixed drinks

delicious mixed drinks

State of Indonesia is rich in a variety of culinary delicious food and drink that became a favorite of local residents and foreign tourists . Not only well-known in the country , taste the delights of the archipelago also topped the ranks of many top ranking as the best food and drink in the world .

After rendang , fried rice , soup and satay entered the ranks of the most delicious food in the world . Then from Indonesia Coconut Ice – entered the ranks of the top 20 most delicious drink in the world by CNN Go . Who can dodge a sweet and fresh coconut ice in the morning . Coconut water is plentiful at present in various countries . But the coconut ice from Indonesia into a different dish .

Coconut ice , from Indonesia is different from coconut water dish in other countries . The freshness of the coconut ice Indonesia is not only loved by children but all ages . Coconut ice , presenting soft young coconut , coconut water is added to the cold with the syrup . That’s what makes coconut ice in the list of top 20 most delicious drink in the world .


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