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The Most Beautiful Flower in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Flower is a plant that look beautiful and gorgeous, the mood we have can be expressed through flowers as it’s never wrong according to the flowers we chosen , Furthermore, the flower itself does have its own beauty in every piece, lids and color. Below are the five most beautiful flowers in the world :

1. Rainbow Roses

rainbow roses

Rainbow roses, these flowers come from Holland, after having done experiments for many – years, the beauty of its color of the flowers are produced in each of the lids, and formed naturally by natural tint through the stem during the growth period.










2. Sakura

in bloom floral

Sakura flowers are beautiful flowers, as when this flower blooms the scene that are presented to be very outstanding. The most beautiful color of this flower is white and pink. Even though they fall and lie on the ground, the scene presented by this flower will be greatly amazing.







3. Canna


Canna flowers not only gives the beauty on the petals, but also the beauty of the leaves with beautiful various colors. This flower is very popular in Victorian times and also as the decorative plants in the garden.







4. Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom trees

Cherry Blossom is the unofficial flower of Japan, these flowers arrived at the spring festival celebrated by both in Japan and the United States, the most popular color of this flowers are white and pink.




5. Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise plant

Bird of Paradise comes from South Africa and is known by the name of Crane Flower, it is named as Bird Of Paradise because of its shape like a bird that comes from heaven (myth).





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