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The Most Beautiful Bird in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Birds are animals that can fly, and one of the much-loved animals in the community, in addition to breeding, these animals can be used to entertain ourselves, why is that??? some people say, to hear the sounds of birds chirping very melodious and good, make them feel comforted.

Each bird has different characteristics, from the color of fur, feather motifs, and the way they sing, all the same names vary, all that determines the price of the bird, the chirp good voice and a good fur color, the price is also expensive.

Now if we look at the market, many animals we encounter, not least among the public as well, certainly a lot of us have encountered a few people who like to collect the birds, they are also willing to spend a lot of money to have their favorite bird, if you include people who like to collect birds. Here we will give tips on how to care for the animals on this one :

Caring for animals, especially pets, birds chirping is a very enjoyable hobby, many hobbyists use the services of a nurse or caretaker of birds, but not a few hobbyists are directly involved in day to day maintenance, ranging from bathing, feeding, drying, cleaning, extra stelaan fooding, and so on.

However, not infrequently from hobby activities reap disappointment, like a bird that has long dipiara never benign, never silent, or even worse as a result of sudden death in the care of. Besides the disappointment, of course, there is also a sense of satisfaction, such suits are fitted to birds EF deemed healthy and stable, gacor as expected, and also success in pemasteran pattern noise.

Caring for twittering birds certainly not the same as caring for fish or livestock, caring for a humming bird stone, for example, would not the same as caring for canaries, bird care pentet certainly not the same as caring for doves, and so on. So the conclusion finally, each individual animal must be different behavior, and diet. Never mind the different animal species, only one class of behavior is sometimes different, this is one of the art of caring for pets.

In order for the treatment or care of animals that become our hobby can run smoothly, the first step that we must implement is to know the type of bird that we keep first. How???

That is through the media INTERNET one real solution today, which are already provided with access. For instance: I want to keep the birds Murai Batu, the first step before deciding to purchase a humming bird stone, then I would find on the internet what it is bird Murai Batu, sex, food, habitat, habits, what type of bird, the dreaded enemy, the pattern his life, his bathroom habits, character voice, sexingnya, color, and so on, all about birds Murai Batu. If everything we see then decide to buy, and apply all that we can from the internet, the pattern becomes a habit maintainability of our day care day later, as well as other bird species, maintain a canary, find info about canaries, maintain cendet bird, find information about birds cendet.

Finally, I tried to invite the hobbyist to further promote knowledge first before buying, do not buy one until after the birds, we are confused in care. Hopefully with a few tips on how to keep the birds could help reduce the rate of death of these animals, as a result of the care. Furthermore, for bird enthusiasts. Here we will give a list of information the most beautiful bird in the world for you, may be useful as a reference point if you are confused to choose the bird that you will buy. Here is the information :

1. Bird Sun Conure
Birds Conure sun or sun paraket is one of the most beautiful birds in the world, beautifully colored birds, and of medium size. Besides this bird has a chirping sound good and be capable to imitate human speech.

macaws for sale

macaws for sale


2. Bird Cock of the Rock
Bird Cock of the rock is a kind of beautiful birds of medium size that is 20-40 cm, and comes from the South American nation. This bird gets its name, from places that are breeding in the rocky hills on the edge of the woods. Birds consists of two species, namely : First, Guyana Cock of The Rock Rupicola-rupicola, scattered on the plateau, including Suriname Guyana, eastern Colombia, southern Venezuela, Amazonia Brazil. Second, the Andean Cock of the Rock Rupicola peruvianus, which spread in the Andean forests include: Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Guyana cock-of-the-rock rupicola Rupicola-male with a decorative head, crown looks blooming semicircle while trying to lure male female birds.

Guyana Cock of the Rock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world and most bizarre. The whole body is covered with bird feathers orange is striking. Head semicircular crown fitted very unusual bird for the nation. But the strangest thing of all is when the breeding season mating ritual complex and unique.

About 30-40 male birds, will gather together in the sort field at the edge of the woods. Field is in the form of a demonstration area which consists of a low tree branch or vacant land clear of litter dry leaves. The whole bird would try to dance as best as possible, to develop body hair and a beautiful crown.

The twist, peck and chirp with a certain tone will be done by males to attract females. So extreme demonstration of this fur, so when the crown of the head and the hair on the back of expanding this species is not in sight and is shaped like a bird again.

Birds are attracted to females approached and choose one stud to marry her. The female will make a nest out of a mixture of mud, leaves and twigs. The nest is attached with saliva into a stone wall on a high hill. 1 or 2 eggs will be incubated for 27-28 days. Males do not have a role when making a nest and incubate the eggs. Only males are polygamous.

Guyana cock of the rock, including birds were very shy and somewhat difficult to approach. Most of the diet consists of fruits, birds were deemed to be low risk (Least Concern) to extinction, because the population is still a lot.

As for the Andean cock-of-the-rock Rupicola peruvianus, one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Females appear at the bottom center. This bird is known as the national bird of Peru.

Andean cock of the Rock, is slightly larger than Guyana. Characteristic of this bird is on the crest crown like a rock star of the ’80s, and the color of the feathers back bluish gray. Bird food consists of fruit, insects and small reptiles such as lizards and frogs. When the mating season, birds are less wary of this species will devoured by an eagle, puma, jaguar, ocelot kitten and pembelit boa. Nest was made at the mouth of the cave or the wall of a high hill. This bird can be found at an altitude of 500-2400 m above sea level.

birds of world list

birds of world list


3. Birds Golden Pheasant
Birds Golden Pheasant came from Asian countries, fur color is very nice and interesting. The bird is native to forests in mountainous areas of western China, but now there are wild populations have been established in the UK and elsewhere.

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print birds


4. Raggiana bird of paradise
The Raggiana bird of paradise is also known as Count Raggi’s bird of paradise. This bird is also known as the bird of paradise. Habitat This bird is widely distributed in the southern island of New Guinea and northeast. It has a length of 34 cm, red-brown-gray, yellow iris and feet grayish brown. Male birds have a yellow crown, emerald-green throat and yellow collar between the throat. Wing feather color varies from red to orange depending on the subspecies. Female birds are smaller than males, with a brown face and had no fur trimmings.

beautiful birds in world

beautiful birds in world


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