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The Most Advanced Notebook in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Various kinds of notebooks today, ranging from the cheap to the expensive, of course with different specification, the more sophisticated, the more expensive, nevertheless some people are willing to spend a lot of money because they want to have a notebook that has full specification in accordance with the wishes and needs. Here is a list of the world’s most advanced notebook :

1. Luvaglio

notebook world

Luvaglio is one of the most advanced notebook makers who live in the UK, Luvaglio created the first notebook that cost millions of dollars. Specifications notebooks have not been released at this time, but we know that luvaglio have included a 17 “wide LED screen specially designed anti – reflective glare coating for clear and brighter image. 128 GB Solid State Disk and a slot loading Blue – Ray drive. There is an integrated screen cleaning device and a very rare colored diamond that also doubles as the power button when placed into the laptop, and also acts as security identification.






2. Orkin’s Rolltop

the most advanced laptop in the world

Orkin’s Rolltop is one of notebook maker and one of the most advanced gadget lovers. Because Orkin’s Rolltop gadget lovers, they made a concept at point of publishing notebook. Notebook that will be created by Orkin’s Rolltop has a flexible LED screen, can handle multitouch for those infatuated with the iPhone. When fully opened, the notebook will be a 17 “flatscreen. But it also can be folded into a 13 “tablet when required in accordance with the wishes of consumers.




3. Thinkpad

notebook lenovo

Company IBM handed all notebook divisions to Lenovo, they worry classic Thinkpad design would lose direction, but with this increasing design most people will be impressed by the concept of this notebook.









4. Ergonomic

the most advanced laptop in the world

Ergonomic is one of the most advanced notebook in the world, in addition to the advantages of this notebook is having a keyboard that can be ‘split’ to provide more space for computer users to customize their hands, this notebook also has a second LCD hidden underneath. This is a fantastic idea. The second screen is cooperate with the first screen – giving users the features “drag and send” to open a window or program. It can act independently as a stylus-based input for note taking, sketching, and – other things that can be used to write into the interface. This makes EDSSKN tremendous benefit not only writers and word processors, but artists and designers.


5. Girly Laptop

lap tops

some girls want extra attention not only from men but also from gadgets and even a laptop that looks cool, like the HP concept that is designed specifically for women. Every one of these concepts is designed by Nikita Buyanov and has its own specific set which would spoil you as special and admit that a girl has a lot of stylish wishes; they look classy, stylish, trendy and even provide extra productivity for your personality. Unfortunately, this has not really produced. But if enough demands, maybe next year HP will provide a different view of the feminine models that only made for women.




6. Acer Aspire 5750 – £ 319 ($ 500)

acer aspire

The second generation of Intel Core i3, i5 and i7, collectively called as ‘Sandy Bridge’, offer the best performance of each chip and we have tested it. The Aspire 5750G uses the Core i7 2630 QM chip running at 2 GHz, with 4 GB of DDR 3 memory.







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