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The Most Advanced Mobile in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Mobile Phone in this era is not a secondary need, but the primary need, almost everyone already has it, besides mobile phone nowadays having a very complete feature. So it helps the necessity needed by some people. Some people are willing to spend a lot of money to buy an advanced mobile phoneand complete features in accordance with the wishes and needs. The following is a list of the world’s most advanced mobile phone certainly has different advantages and features:
1. Nokia 888 communicator

nokia 888 communicator

Mobile Nokia 888 communicator is the latest released by nokia. The mobile phones designed by Tamer Nakisci who won the Nokia Design Award, and one of the world’s most advanced mobile phones. The form is beautiful, unique and can be folded, and make us tempted to buy it. This cell phone has no buttons, input via the touch – screen and speech recognition, the battery using is the liquid battery or so-called “liquid”.


2. Nokia Aeon

aeon phone

Mobile Nokia Aeon is one of the world’s most advanced mobile phone, though its shape is not as revolutionary as the Nokia 888, but the form of Mobile Aeon looks beautiful and attractive, with a big screen touchscreen.




3. Sky “Sleak & Slim”

mobile mobile software

Mobile Sky “Sleak & Slim” is one of the world’s most advanced mobile phone produced by SKY. This phone has a touchpad that can shine and has “hidden-key”.








4. Benq Siemes “Snaked”

most advanced cell phones

Mobile phone Benq – Siemens’ Snaked “is one of the world’s most advanced mobile phones, the form is almost like ‘reptiles’, but the shape of this phone still look cool other than mobile phones that currently exists. This phone is intended primarily for women who love to exercise, because within is embedded the sensor to monitor the state of body.





5. Retroxis

advance mobile phones










6. Nec Tag

advance mobile phones

Nect Tag is similar to the concept of “Snaked”. The shape is very flexible, so that we can shape in many changes in accordance with the wishes, it has a feature “shape-memorizing material “ and the sensor that is able to make this phone change according to the determined form of mode that we have set .







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