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The Most Advanced Handgun in The World

November 21st, 2012

The Most Advanced Handgun in The World

By : Ririn Sholiha

The end of the Cold War does not mean the end of an arms race – a weapon by some countries in the world. The grounds to defend the sovereignty of the area, they continue to develop high-tech weapons. As increasingly sophisticated weapons pistol revolver made of course very expensive and its more complete. Here is a list of the most sophisticated weapons in the world gun :

1. Handgun Armatix
Armatix Handgun Pistol is one of the most advanced pistols in the world, comes from the German State, sophisticated weapons and high-tech and can identify users. This weapon can only be activated if the user use the special watches. This weapon has indicators that can provide information if a weapon is active or not as for the indicator in the form of a light that turns green when he was active, and red when she is off. The weapon is on display at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, General weapon is sold, price is 7000 euros.

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2. Handgun Grenade Launcher XM-25
Grenade Launcher Pistol Weapon XM-25 is one of the world’s most advanced pistol, this weapon capable of firing 25 grenades at close range and far though, the distance can be adjusted and programmed by the user. This new weapon combines the ability to shoot and computers.

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