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The Longest River in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

River is one of the world’s wealth that can be beneficial for all of us. Especially for some people who live and work around the river, we as human being should keep it well so that there was no flood.

The river is the flow of water from land to sea that generally originates from rain water; it also becomes alternative means of transportation for some people. The following is the list of the world’s fifth longest river :

1. River Nile

rivers of the world

The Nile River is in the African country that flows along the 6650 km or mile and divide 4.132 no fewer than nine countries: Ethiopia, Zaire, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan and Egypt. The river is one of the two longest rivers on Earth. According to the history of the Nile, it had a very important role in civilization, life and history of Egypt since thousands of years ago. One of the contributions of the Nile was his ability to produce fertile soil as a result of sedimentation along the basin of the river. With its fertile soil makes the inhabitants of Egypt were being developed and evolved since Egypt civilization thousands of years ago.



2. Amazon River

Amazon River in South America is long-term 6400 kilometers, the river is the second longest river in the world that has the greatest total flow of any river, carrying more than The Mississippi, Nile, and Yangtze combined. Amazon also has the largest flowing system among the whole river system.. Even though the longest river is Nile, Amazon could be considered to be “the strongest”.

Amount of fresh water that is discharged into the Atlantic Ocean is enormous: 184.000 m³ per second (6.5 million walk ³) in the rainy season. The Amazon basin is one-fifth of the total number of fresh water entering the oceans worldwide. The water of the sea in riverside has low levels of salt up to hundreds of miles away.

The main river usually has one to six miles wide, it also can be traversed for large ocean steamers to Manaus, nearly 800 miles to the River upstream from its mouth. Smaller naval vessels weighing 3,000 tons and 5.5 m (18 ft) reach as far as Iquitos, 3,700 kilometers (2,300 miles) away from the sea. The small river boats can reach 780 km (485 MI) further to Achual Point. Through from there, only small boats that can go up to Pongo de Manseriche, above Achual Point.

The River takes its water from the coordinate 5 ° n to 20 ° s. The most distant source found in the Highlands of inter-Andes, a distance that is quite close to Pacific Ocean and after a distance of 7,200 km (4,800 MI) through Inland Peru and passing by Brazil, it entered the Atlantic Ocean near the equator.



3. Yangtze / Chang Jiang River


The Long River or the Yangtze River in China which have long 6300 kilometers is the longest river in China and Asia. The Long River or the Yangtze River is the third longest river. This river became the southern boundary of ancient Chinese culture that lies between the Yellow River in the north and the Yangtze River in the south.

The River was known as the Yangtze River because of a misunderstanding of the missionaries at first. The Yangtze River only refers to the lower reaches of the long River, but because it’s the first heard by the people of the West, then it is used the Yangtze River to represent the entire length of the River.



4. Mississippi River – Missouri

rivers of the world

Mississippi River in North America has length of 6275 kilometers. This river is one of the longest river in the world and the second longest river in the United States. It has length of 3.734 km (2.320 mi) and sourced at Lake Itasca in Minnesota and culminate in the Gulf of Mexico.

The name “Mississippi” comes from a Native American language meaning “father of waters”. Mississippi spring is in the state of Minnesota, near the border with Canada. The Mississippi River flows from the south across the central United States, passing through the States of Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

The Mouth of the Mississippi is in the state of Louisiana, the southern city of New Orleans. Mississippi ends in Gulf of Mexico. Mississippi has many tributaries. Mississippi water boundaries are including most cities in the United States. This means that the Mississippi and its tributaries flow in most United States.
Some of the most important tributary Mississippi is:

• Minnesota River
• River St. Croix
• Wisconsin River
• Illinois River
• Missouri River
• Ohio River
• Arkansas River

In the history of the United States Mississippi has become tremendously important for the transport by water. The first time the U.S rxcare.co.uk. became the country, the Mississippi River has becoming the western border of the United States.


5. River Yenisei, Angara, Selenga

largest rivers in the world

River Yenisei, Angara, Selenga are in Russia and Mongolia and has length of 5539 kilometers.








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