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The Latest Car in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Latest cars in today’s world is increasingly numerous, and an assortment of brand, certainly, has its own advantages and characteristics vary, nowadays ever increasing cars selling, therefore most of the companies are striving to create and launch a new car with full facilities for the needs of the consumers. Here is a list of the latest cars in the world :

1. Proton Exora 2012 (new cars)

new cars

Proton Exora 2012 is one of the world’s latest cars; the price is Rp. 248 million up to Rp. 258 million. This car is comfortable for families (MPV) and one of the cars made in Malaysia, our neigbouring countries. This one is quite ideal for your family to accompany with everyday. Bring your kids to school, go to work or sightseeing is now become very easy and does not need to take a lof of cost. Greet the Proton Exora 2012.




2. Toyota Agya (new Toyota car)

new toyota car

Agya car is one of the latest cars in the world. This car is ssuccessfully awarded as the ‘New Wave Clarification Award 2012’ and ‘New Wave Collaboration Award 2012’ in the arena of IIMS 2012, Toyota Agya clearly not just a city car. Although it looks small and cute, this hatchbackthat made by Toyota in facts holds many surprises.





3. Suzuki Grand Vitara 2012 (all new suzuki grand vitara 2012)

all new suzuki grand vitara 2012

2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara is one of the world’s latest car, the car is from Japan, where manufactured in Indonesia, the price is Rp. 324.5 million to Rp. 335.5 million. Suzuki Grand Vitara 2012 is used as a major weapon in a tight competitive automotive todays, and considering the great name of Suzuki in the automotive world, it is appropriate if you consider the Suzuki Grand Vitara 2012, especially if you having a large family.




4. Subaru BRZ (impreza wrx)

impreza wrx

Subaru BRZ is the type of sport-utility vehicles, the price is Rp. 628 million up to Rp. 668 million. Want to feel the sensation of a thrilling drive and devour all the bends with steadily with a classy sport car? It seemingly that Japanese cars is one of that deserves your attention.






5. Chrysler 300C 2012 (Chrysler car)

chrysler car

2012 Chrysler 300C is a luxury sedan type vehicle, the price of this car is Rp. 1.1 billion to Rp. 1.4 billion, the car manufactured in the United States. For those of you that want an American-style drive like in the movies Hollywood big screen? If it so, it seems that you consider the appropriate luxury car made by Chrysler 2012 with 300C 2012..




6. Toyota Prius C Hybrid (hybrid cars)

hybrid cars

Toyota Prius C Hybrid is a compact hatchback Toyota’s latest eco-friendly and fuel efficient. Therefore, this car certainly is ideal for those of you who care about the environment and would like to take part to prevent global warming. In addition, its compact body also makes this car able to maneuver with the agile, both in the middle of the jam and break through the streets. This price is Rp. 630 million.




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